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It looks like none of us are making it to the French Rivera this year - so what's the next best thing? A poolside bar on a warm, summer afternoon has never sounded better. The lovely team as Four Seasons Hotel and Citadelle Gin have joined forces to create a once of a kind poolside bar, so you can get that vacay feeling without leaving Sydney. The Cabana is serving Gin and Tonics, Gin and Lemonade’s, a signature Citadelle Martini perfectly paired with Oysters and a range of summer cocktails - what more could you need?

Paying homage to the French Riviera, the space has been transformed into a blue and white oasis, surrounded by lemon trees - so you can sit back and relax while sipping on a cocktail in your very own cabana or lounge chair.

Crafted at the Chateau de Bonbonnet in France, Citadelle Gin is a unique combination of 18 spices that have been carefully selected and combined by family representatives to create the perfectly balanced and intense distillation: Citadelle Gin. Playing on the light nature of gin, the menu has been created for guests to sit poolside whilst they sip and savour throughout summer.

The Citadelle Method

The backbone of Citadelle - the juniper berry - is sourced from the Château de Bonbonnet. The juniper berry is the

conductor of the Citadelle flavour orchestra, and the 18 spices that play for the conductor - coriander, cardamom,

angelica, cumin, nutmeg, almonds, paradise seeds, licorice, cubeb, savory, cinnamon, star anise, blackcurrant, iris, violet, fennel, orange zest, and lemon – help it to make the music of gin. The aromatic balance is due to the progressive infusion method to incorporate the 18 aromatic botanicals and the juniper berries into the gin (yum!?). Each botanical is infused in a neutral alcohol of French wheat for different lengths of time to capture its unique aromatic and flavour properties - so treat yourself to a quality drink that you can smell and taste.


Opening on Thursday 10th December from 6 pm onwards and running until March 2021,


The Cabana is located within the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney – Level Three, 199 George Street, Sydney 2000.

The Cabana will be open to the public for the first time ever (usually the poolside bar is only available exclusively to in-house Four Seasons guests) - so get your French-inspired crudités fix and spend your summer style!


WORDS | Brittany Ross, TLSE

IMAGERY | The Four Seasons



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