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Awakening (Volume 15) is the latest colour offering from Haymes Paint - we take the fist glance into the season's new shades.

As the world adjusts to the new normal, Haymes Paint has launched ‘Awakening’, the Volume 15 colour library inspiring many to embrace change. The new selection of colours are focused on what's important to us right now: feeling grounded and reinvigorated. The focus is all about spaces that let our personality shine through.

Awakening (Volume 15) is the latest colour offering from Haymes Paint - we take the fist glance into the season's new shades. ge) and Clearview (bottom image). Each colour palette inspires us to break the status quo while maintaining a sense of calm and wellbeing throughout our spaces. The ranges feature hues that combine the concepts of strength and change. these concepts evoke a sense of passion and a drive to embrace new opportunities as we emerge to new experiences. Read on for a description of the inspiring new palettes and what each of them evokes.

Game Changer: This palette encapsulates newfound freedom to be yourself and challenge everything with a playful vibrancy and fresh optimism. Powdered blue, shades of sunset pinks, aqua greens, and mustard yellows will bring a sense of fun and lively energy into our homes. Game Changer encourages us to break free from the limitations that have constricted our creativity and find the courage and drive to be truly free and original.

In the Moment: A fresh take on the Australian landscape, the In the Moment palette features an array of varying shades of rust, earthy browns, burnt oranges, and organic neutrals to promote a sense of groundedness. The array of tones reminds us to find value in what we have around us. Using layers and tactility, we can create spaces within our homes that reinforce a sense of security. Our surroundings are truly linked to our wellbeing and it’s the details of the things we love that provide us with the strength to face the new normal, by creating a home that is connected to the essence of the Australian landscape with a robust aesthetic.

“Our new colour library is influenced by Australia’s slow rekindling after what has been an unimaginable time. We wanted to use colours to inspire our customers to create a space that is uniquely theirs and embrace the new way we live and grow in our homes.” - Haymes Paint Colour and Concept Manager, Wendy Rennie

Clearview: A palette that represents the idealised tree change, sea change, and everything in between. Whether it’s an aesthetic we can now adapt to the style and feel, or a true location change, this palette brings these ideals to life. Its colours range from deep tones of ink blues and dark forest greens to light greys and powder blues. The new normal is to look for ways to promote idealism and to live in a way that is reflected in our day-to-day lifestyle, the core of what makes us feel the most fulfilled. Clearview enables us to create an everyday feeling of harmony, as we live more aware and in sync with what it is that truly aligns with our core values.


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