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When designing a home, the electrical outlets may not be the first thing you think of to check off your list. No doubt you'd be pawing at the pages of interior mags or trawling Pinterest and ogling over kitchens, bathroom tiles or couches first and foremost. But good interior design happens when you consider every single detail of a space, even down to the smallest element.

So, when designing the interiors for Casita, Heidi Albertiri took her stylist's eye and attention to detail and selected a beautiful range from Clipsal to use throughout, and when form and function combine in a product, you know you've picked yourself a winner!

We sat down with Heidi to discuss her electrical choices for her home-away-from-home in Jervis Bay, Stay.Casita.

What was your inspiration for building Casita?

We wanted to create a beautiful escape to enjoy not only for our family but to be able to share the space with others who love beautiful design and weekends away.

What was really important for you when planning Casita?

We wanted to create a space where we could relax and not worry about anything once we arrived apart from what we were going to eat and drink. That's why the interior styling and finishes were so important. You want everything to flow with each other and not be out of place.

What Clipsal products do you have in Casita?

Clipsal Iconic Range

Who introduced Clipsal to you?

When you are in my industry you come across a lot of brands and there are always standouts. You notice who is keeping up with consumer needs, what aesthetics work with current renovation styles etc and I always noticed that Clipsal was keeping on top of all these considerations.

Why did you choose to go with Clipsal?

Clipsal was a natural choice for us, we knew that the interior had to include models that were not only smart, with the best protection for all our holiday guests, but also aesthetically aligned with our interior choices. It was just the perfect fit all around

How has Clipsal added impact or personality to Casita?

Casita is beautiful and practical and that's what we needed for our powerpoints and light switches, we needed them to be aesthetically pleasing to work with the look and feel but we needed them to keep up with the way that people need to use them, having Usb and Usbc plugs is naturally the way to go for simplicity and ease on all counts and the light switches feel beautiful when you touch them too. It adds to the overall sensory experience of what we wanted to create for Casita.

Why do (or would) you recommend Clipsal to your friends, family, clients etc?

If you are going to the trouble to renovate or build and focus on everything is beautiful and the way you want it then Clipsal is a natural progression for the finishing touches. Switches and powerpoints get used every day and it's important to the end product that they not only look good but they do the job intended.

What value can a good electrical plan bring to a home?

It’s something that may be skimmed over a bit because it's not the big wow factor you get excited about but our plan made such a difference to the end product of Casita. We really took time to consider how the spaces would be used and what would be needed in the space to give it optimal performance and that made such a difference in the overall feel of the space. The finishing touches of switches and powerpoints for us were always going to be a part of the aesthetic so we strategically placed them in locations where they were to be seen rather than hidden, and they really add to the completed project. It’s worth taking the time to consider all the options and see what is possible.

Can you tell us about your passion for design? How important is design?

As a stylist everything I see with my eyes is either pleasing or jarring. I kind of see things through a lens and design allows you to translate and interpret that so that other people can hopefully enjoy it. It's so satisfying to create something that other people can enjoy, connect to and share in the joy of. Design in the mainstream has become more achievable, we all have access to beautiful things and using that in our homes allows us to find a way to create our own unique spaces that fully self express who we are leaving a little mark on the world.

I live for design in my personal life and for my business, The Life Style Edit, My team and I spend our days creating beautiful things for people and brands, for me design is everything. I live and breathe it and I want to be able to share beautiful things with as many people as possible. Creating Casita was an extension of that and it's great to be able to see how people respond after they have seen it or stayed there.

How can design details, like powerpoints and switches make a big difference to the overall finish of a space/can help elevate the space?

Powerpoints and switches are such practical things that we need to have in our spaces so it's important to make sure that they add to it and not take away from the overall aesthetic, choose items that really have longevity and style that will work with the way you intend to use the spaces.

How is your recommendation & learnings for anyone looking to build/renovate?

Take your time and consider all options. Sometimes getting advice on some new technology is a good way to go so that you can have items that are current, even if you don't totally understand them yet. Trust your instincts and think about how you want the products to be used and featured in your home.

Our electrician didn't like where we were putting the powerpoints and I had to fight to get them located where I wanted them, and they look amazing. It was my project and I knew what I was creating so I had to put my foot down as hard as that was, but it was worth it, after all he didn't understand what I was doing so I had to hold strong and it worked. I love where we have placed things.

For more information on Clipsal's Iconic range, you can visit their website here.

If you'd like to visit Heidi's beautiful home in Jervis bay, then you can book a stay at Casita here.



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