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New season interior paint colours to style your entire home for tranquility.

Now the only Australian family-owned paint company, Haymes Paint continues to inspire with an evocative new collection of serene colours that inspire calm and beckon moments of introspection, whilst still hitting interior trends.

‘Calibrate’ Volume 13 of the Haymes colour library takes us on a journey away from the stressors of the built-up world and all the associated technology, to deliver a trio of palettes that use colours to deliberately summon restful experiences of interior spaces.

“Finding a balance is among the many demands of our everyday lives and is where we need to find our equilibrium.”

Touches of trending hues such as mint and terracotta are evident, observed earlier this year in design week in Milan by Haymes Colour and Concept Manager Wendy Rennie. Interspersed throughout are clever neutrals that serve as visual resting points yet draw subtle tones from each of three well-rounded palettes.

1. Equilibrium – Oxygenating and fresh

Haymes Paint Volume 13 Colour collection

Explore the palette:

(Clockwise from top left) Pale Cordovan, Deep Buff, Pastel Pine, Leek Leaf, Seamist, Abstract Mood, Stoneware

Why we love it:

Mint colour is calming and works for collaborative spaces

Makes spaces with technology more friendly

Relevant right now in Australia and interiors

Provides balance in colour and synergy with your lifestyle

2. Positive Light – Inspired by the ocean

Haymes Paint Volume 13 Colour collection

Explore the palette:

(Clockwise from top left) Sun Dew, Solace, Danish Blue, Royal Flair, Debonair, Blue Bottle, Artisan Rendercoat White Stone

Why we love it:

Helps blue to be translatable to interiors

Draws inspiration from the sea, using its depth and colour

Give pause to consider environmental impact of consumerism

Encourages a message of sustainability from the sea rather than plastic pollution

Fosters the inclusion of pieces in interiors that are recycled, repurposed and reused

Upcycle to make interiors personal and beautiful - push the boundaries

3. Home Grown – Where you can embrace comfort

Haymes Paint Volume 13 Colour collection

Explore the palette:

(Clockwise from top left) Sparrow, Bleached White, Creole, Brown Sugar, Toadstool, E.A.N., Refuge 3

Why we love it:

Introduces relaxed vibes to a space

Anything can lay where it falls and doesn’t look out of place

Embraces linen and natural textures

Heroes neutral tones

Includes greys warming up into bone shades

“Studies show that colour has a psychological effect on our interiors,” says Wendy, who repainted her entire kitchen over from red after she had children. Haymes offers a colour style service to get the best results for each household. “Things can be functional, representational and still beautiful. The ones you push boundaries with are those you’re the most happy with,” Wendy suggests.

Haymes Paint Volume 13 Colour collection

Colour names are meant to assist when building a colour scheme. Wendy takes joy in naming the colours for how they make you feel when you see them, such as ‘Refuge’ and ‘Dream’, a colour which, she says, “Is a really floaty, nice neutral.”

In a nice nod to the longevity and traditions of a family-owned business, some colours are named for the members of the Haymes family and their personal relationships to things and people who come into contact with the process – even the accountant has a colour!

The ‘Calibrate’ range is available in selected stores now. Visit for stockists and more details.


WORDS | Diana Moore TLSE

PHOTOGRAPHY | Haymes Paint



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