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Patricia Braune; an artist that fell in love with surface design and whose work is now featured in an array of establishments around the world. Creation occurs at her Sydney Studio, where her passion for complex hand illustration, combined with her strong eye for detail, produces her unique style which is both elegant and emblematic. Whether it's textiles, wallpaper or blinds, her designs will make a refined addition to any home or office.

Patricia took some time out recently to speak to us about her beautiful textiles, and her new collection that's just dropped.

- Amalfi Lines | Alcea

[TLSE] You’re obviously extremely passionate about your work and this comes through in your pieces.

How do you manage so successfully to convey this through your art? Talk to us about the energy behind your designs; they all seem so alive!

[PB] A collection begins by identifying something that inspires me to follow that thread of thought, whether it’s an object, place or simply a walk on the beach. I then begin to explore the possibility and the direction of the complete collection and what I can offer each design with my unique illustration style. A design direction is considered, the motif is researched and illustrated and a design emerges by the cohesion of multiple motifs that come together to complete the vision I have for that collection.

Some designs within a collection are bold and graphic, and others are more textural. A gradual evolution of each collection broadens the audience that it might appeal to, and within each collection there are ranges from the simple to the intricate. Each design within the collection can work as wallpaper and textile on their own or paired up as a coordinate.

- Amalfi Lines | Banda

After 20 years of working in advertising and as a graphic designer and art director, what was the defining moment for you in changing the direction of your career? Would you say that you have found your calling?

It certainly was a significant moment that made me evaluate my future in the advertising industry and where I saw myself in the next 10-20 years. I was working at a fabulous agency with friends where I was offered a partnership position, and that was all I had wished for in the past. But when it came to making my decision, I could not see myself working in the advertising industry for the rest of my working life despite having enjoyed it in the past. So the search began to find my ‘what next’ I came across Surface Design, and enrolled at ISCD, completing a diploma and truly falling in love with what I was creating. I am so grateful that I have 100% found my calling, I do believe that it’s never too late to try something new, you may just love it!

Do you have a muse and if yes, does this person or inspiration change with each collection, or are there any constants in your life that continue to inspire you?

I find inspiration in many places and with many beautiful people. I love travelling and exploring nature and I find this inspiration is never ending. I also enjoy surrounding myself with amazing people who follow their creative passions and lead by example.

- Amalfi Lines | Olivia

Your partner is also your photographer. What is it like to have a creative partnership with someone who already understands you so well? Do your visions always align, or are there elements of friction at times?

After two decades of working and creating together, you get to understand each other extremely well. We know the directions we are travelling in our individual creative careers and this makes it easy to work together. Janyon is also my sounding board aka ‘Creative Director’. It’s good to get a valued objective opinion at times when you are too close to the project or design. We work well together and he inspires me on a daily basis. The fact that he is able to photograph my collections is a bonus.

- Amalfi Lines | Olivia Classica

What has been your favourite design to date and why? Are there any new creations coming along soon that we can look out for?

Hard question. I should not have a favourite as all my designs are special to me. That said, my Island Frond is on the ‘favourites list’. Island Frond is tropical in an understated and classic way and that is why it will stand the test of time in my ‘favourites list’.

My New Amalfi Lines Collection has just come out in August, and there are a couple of favourite contenders in this Amalfi Coast, Italian inspired Collection - Bellissima, Olivia and Terrazzo Mio will be added to my ‘favourites list’. I do hope that people will find their favourites amongst my collections.

- Amalfi Lines | Positano Tiles

- Amalfi Lines | Terrazzo Mio


For more information about Patricia Braune, click here.

Images: Photography: Janyon Boshoff | Styling: Heidi Albertiri | Location: TLSE Studio

Curated by Jodie Wolf, TLSE



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