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As a small creative agency ourselves, we are always looking for ways to connect with, support and discover emerging businesses, and when we came across Tihson. Hair, it was love at first sight. Filled with natural goodness, Tihson. has everything your hair needs - and nothing it doesn't. We sat down with founder Rachelle to talk all things plant-based, beauty, and design.

[TLSE] You noticed that many of the hair products available on the market contained chemicals harmful to our health. As a brand that focuses on plant-derived ingredients, what does Tihson aspire to achieve?

[Rachelle] There is the consumer perception that a natural, plant-derived product can be inferior in performance to the regular salon brands that are predominantly chemical based. Tihson aspires to change this perception simply by getting consumers to try our products.

As a mother, you are obviously very conscious of what kind of ingredients go into the products that your family uses. What are some of the harmful impacts of using chemicals on the human body?

For those that are not aware or simply do not have the time to look into every ingredient that is in the products that they use on themselves and on their children, it can be quite startling to learn about the negative effects that these ingredients can have on our bodies. Chemicals such as PEGS, Parabens and Sulfates, which are found in so many well loved products are known to cause everything from skin irritation, toxicity, endocrine disruption, organ disruption and even cancer.

What are the benefits of using plant-based products instead?

There are many benefits to using plant-based products but the single most important benefit is that you are not constantly bombarding your body with unnecessary chemicals, therefore minimising any risk that may be associated with harmful ingredients.

Your packaging is quite unique – can you tell us about the inspiration behind it?

Whilst it was really important for me to create a great hair care range, with plant-based, salon quality, formulations, creating a bottle design that was unique, functional and beautiful was also very important. The inspiration for the bottle and artwork design was a typewriter key. I also love fonts and felt that using 'A' & 'B' also attributed to the functionality of the product, as it helps consumers to easily identify the shampoo from the conditioner, when they are washing their hair.

What are some of your favourite plant-based beauty brands/ products?

One of my favourite beauty brands is Divine 3. They have a collection of gorgeous, plant-based body washes, centred around reconnecting with yourself and with nature...and the packaging is beautiful!

What are the next steps for Tihson.? Do you have any plans to expand your product range?

I plan to continue building brand awareness through social media. As the brand grows I will expand my product range to include products specifically designed for children.

Love Tihson. Hair as much as we do? Check it out here.


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