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Relax. The search for perfect women's pyjamas is over.

We’ve discovered a range of sleepwear so good you’ll want to spend all day in them.

Less than a year ago when Sarah Shepherd and her business partner Abby Badman discovered a gaping hole in the market for stylish, minimal sleepwear designed for modern women, they took matters into their own hands and proceeded to Hybernate.

Starting by asking women what they were looking for in their sleepwear (the resounding answer was, "The Qantas pjs!") and what they thought was missing, Sarah and Abby set about designing a range that is as stylish as it is comfortable. Garments so gorgeous they challenge the very idea of pyjamas, leaving behind outdated and unflattering patterns, shapes and skimpy chemises, to weave this clothing staple anew into a more realistic and contemporary lifestyle wardrobe.

“There are a lot of women out there who have a minimalist style for their daywear and evening wear and they want their sleepwear to be minimalist too.” Sarah Shepherd, Hybernate

They also invested a lot of time in sourcing materials. "We use pima cotton from Peru as it has incredible qualities that make it ideal for comfort, quality and longevity,” says Sarah. “We also tested dozens of different elastics from around the world until we found the most comfortable, high quality elastic from Japan.”

“Every element is so important to us in the design process as we all wear our sleepwear so much and we want Hybernate pieces to be worn and loved for a long time.”

Pieces are effortlessly wearable, allowing women to breeze through the juggle between bed, desk, home and children in chic comfort. We'll take one of everything please.

We talk to Sarah about what a day looks looks like in a thriving small business and what makes her jump out of bed in the morning (spoiler: her three kids!).

TLSE: What’s the best thing about your job? Sarah: “The variety and constant learning that having a small business provides. I also enjoy going through the journey with a business partner – it makes it much more enjoyable to be sharing all the highs and lows with someone else who is equally as passionate about it as you are.”

TLSE: Who inspires you?

Sarah: “My mother – she had her own successful business for many years and I saw how much joy it brought her. She created something she was passionate about, worked hard and enjoyed seeing it grow into something really successful.”

TLSE: What should everyone know about starting a business?

Sarah: “It can be overwhelming when you’re thinking of starting a business and not knowing where to begin but you just need to start somewhere; set up that coffee meeting, listen to that podcast, do some research – then do the next thing, then the next and before you know it you’re on your way. As the saying goes “You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

Hybernate - perfect pyjamas for women


Favourite colour?

Navy (coincidentally it’s our customers’ favourite colour too, we always seem to sell out of our navy items first!)

Podcast(s) you’re listening to?

NPR - How I Built This

Future Women – Next Generation Innovators

Must-have soul food?

Walking in nature and running – it clears my head and resets me

Best stress buster?

A swim in the ocean

Favourite lifestyle hack?

Listening to podcasts while doing household chores

Favourite cocktail?

It’s not original but… a Cosmopolitan – there are so many memories associated with drinking them

Go-to karaoke song?

Heaven is a Place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle

Choice of underwear?

100% cotton

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset but wish my answer was sunrise!

What do you love about Australia?

Open spaces, the beaches, amazing food and its laid back nature. I spent a few years living in the UK and the US so I think I appreciate those things even more now I’m back living here.

Explore the entire Hybernate range here. We dare you to resist strapping on a pair of sandals and headed out to your local cafe in your them.


WORDS | Diana Moore TLSE




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