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As the founder of Louvelle and a working mother of two gorgeous girls, Simone is an inspiration to all women out there. It all began with a little laugh with her husband about the ugliness of shower caps when Simone decided to transform the puffy bonnet into a fashion statement. Featured as one of Oprah's Favourite Things in 2017 (!!!), the stylish Dhalia shower cap provides the perfect shower accessory for the chic modern woman.

Since the brand's launch in 2014, Louvelle has expanded to include various hair accessories, eye masks, and a new bath and body range. We had the pleasure of chatting with Simone to find out a little more about the vision behind Louvelle.

[TLSE] You’ve re-invented the shower-cap into a chic turban! Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your original design. 

[Simone] I was frustrated with the options available to protect your hair in the shower and while washing off makeup and masques, I thought why can't a shower cap be as chic as everything else in a woman's wardrobe and not a plastic cap that looks like something your Nanna would wear? I looked to turbans as a fashionable style that has been around since the 1940s and everyone now - from Missoni to Marc Jacobs - are featuring turbans on their runways. 

You’ve mentioned that you love 1970s vintage glamour; who are your favourite style icons and what are your favourite trends from the era?

My inspiration harked back to a vintage aesthetic - I looked to turbans, from right back to the 1940s to the 1970s. I loved the 70s in particular, looking to muses like Marisa Berenson, Bianca Jagger, Ali Mcgraw, Lauren Hutton, and Elizabeth Taylor. My favourite designers of the era were Halston, Karl Lagerfeld and Chloe, and I love pouring over the images in the book Poolside by Slim Aarons, I almost wish I lived back then, it was a slower time!

Your label has achieved phenomenal success since it launched back in 2014 – your Dahlia shower cap was even selected as one of Oprah’s Favourite Things in 2017! What has been the most memorable experience of your journey so far?

My favourite experience is always when I meet new people and tell them what I do, and they already know about the brand. It's great to think that despite being a small business, we have built brand awareness in Australia and beyond. Having Oprah select our brand as one of her favourite things was a "pinch me" moment, and quite a rollercoaster ride for a while there!

You started Louvelle while still nursing a newborn and raising a toddler, what advice do you have for mums who are juggling work and raising young children?

I would say that you can't be 100% brilliant at everything. Maybe there are a couple years where you step back from your career while being with children, or maybe you choose to ramp up your career and get more help at home with the children, but you certainly cannot do it all - you will burnout and not be good to anyone!

We love that your products are “created by women, for women”. Why is it important to you that your brand empowers females?

Almost everyone that works with Louvelle is a woman, and we know how hard women work  - at home and in their careers. We’ve always been committed to and passionate about making women feel good in the bathroom – as a sanctuary from our busy lives in the outside world, it’s a place to take time to pamper yourself. 

You’ve expanded your range to include eye masks, hair scarves, headbands, hair towel wraps and a bath and body range - do you have a personal favourite product?

I am addicted to our hair towel wrap, I can't go back to an ordinary big heavy cumbersome towel now! Our indulgent Bathing Beauty range is inspired by the elegance and sophistication of iconic Hollywood muses: Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly. My favourite product from the range is the Body Creme Souffle, it's lightweight but deeply hydrating and the scent is divine!

What’s on the horizon for Louvelle?

We are excited to work on new products in our bath and body range and dream up more scents that will transport us to a new destination!

Check out Louvelle's incredible range here.


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