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A brand new range of high end design pieces under $1K?



Lump Sculpture Studio's - you may recognise their product from TV shows such as The Block and Grand Designs Australia - are now releasing a handful of outdoor and indoor pieces, giving you a way to own your own piece of designer sculptural art for a fraction of the price!

We spoke to Timothea Jewell (Lump Co-Director), for her top tips on how to style this new range.

[ TLSE ] The idea of the new range is to bring outdoor living indoors. What are your top tips for incorporating pieces from the new range into your home?

[ TIMOTHEA ] Planters, either hanging or free standing, are a simple way to bring the outdoors inside. Not only do they add beauty to a room, but there are also the health benefits associated with indoor plants.

Raising the planter on a plinth or hanging the planter at eye level gets it off the ground and really makes the combination a feature. Two or three planters hanging at different lengths, accompanied by one or two on the floor, also helps to add a layered effect, making your inside garden look lusher and fuller. If less space is available, a hanging planter with a sculptural wall feature, like our Hippo Push Pull, is a simple, low-maintenance combination.

At the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show one of your pieces was part of a garden that won Best in Show. What is the secret to creating such successful and popular designs?

I think the secret is creating objects we want to see in our own home. As well as creating objects we love, we also have a passion for the craft involved in the work – ultimately that is a driving, creative force. There is also the brutal honesty that comes with a partnership. In short, if something is not going to work for whatever reason - the idea is shelved, we let it go, move on and put our efforts into finding something that will work.

You thrive on collaborating with artists, designers and architects to realise and construct their visions. Why is this important to your brand and ethos?

We are fortunate to work in an industry that unites so many creative people, and it’s a privilege to be exposed to other professions and be given insight into their projects. They have creative visions of their own, and we have the tools and capabilities to bring those visions to life for them.

The new range features designs that fall under the $1K price range, a fraction of the normal price for high-end pieces. Why will these smaller pieces be so important to your customers?

Everyone deserves good design. More than ever it’s important to know that good quality, original pieces – designed and manufactured without being mass produced and without being imported from abroad – can be sourced right here in our own backyard. We are so proud that we continue to manufacture our work in Australia and I think our customers, regardless of which price range they are shopping in, want to support that, too.

What is your goal for this new range? Where do you see it headed?

Our working philosophy at Lump is Evolve. Design. Create. Ultimately, and as with all the pieces we design and develop, we are thrilled when we see them in their forever homes, being loved in the environments they were designed for. Moving forward, these pieces will evolve one way or another, paving the way for new ideas and becoming the building blocks for our next collection.

View the complete offering from Lump, here.


Photography provided by Lump Sculpture Studio

Interviewed by Rhiannon Lewin, TLSE



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