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When considering your options of whether to work Instagram posts or stories you may want to know some more info.

Posting a story is a fantastic way to step away from your carefully curated, on-brand feed and show off a different side of your personality. It’s all about freedom, whimsy, and spontaneity. Who doesn’t love watching a little video and seeing what is going on behind the scenes? Whether it be a day in the life, a snapshot of what your team are doing behind the scenes or a journey through what you are loving right now, you need to post on stories daily.

When to Use Instagram Posts

Instagram posts are best for content that is:

  • Evergreen –Content that you want people to be able to see forever

  • Curated – Aim for high-value content on your Instagram feed

  • Designed for reach – Posts are more likely to reach new audiences than Stories

  • Soundless – Most users scroll their feed with the sound off

A business’s Instagram posts may be:

  • Professional product shots

  • Well-produced videos

When to Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are ideally:

  • Timely – Stories only last 24 hours, so they can be more “in the moment”

  • Casual – Selfie videos or behind-the-scenes content are more common

  • Designed for engagement – Your Stories will be watched by your current followers

  • Sound on – Most users watch Instagram Stories with their sound on

Example Instagram Stories for business would be:

  • Breaking announcements

  • Short-term discounts or sales

  • Polls for your customers

  • Behind-the-scenes videos or interviews

  • Brands with larger follower counts will see higher impressions and engagement rates on Stories than in-feed posts, so it’s crucial to track both. Stories are actively driving brand awareness, clicks to your site, sales, and more.

If your Instagram game needs work and you need some help moving forward the TLSE team are available to assist with ongoing management and curation to best suit your business strategy and focus. If you want to chat with one of the team then email us via and ask for help!

Words Fiona Keogh - The Life Style Edit



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