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Whether you are building, renovating or reinventing your dream home, believe us when we say, these bricks and pavers are cool. Check out this style guide for a bit of interior and exterior inspo.

New builds are filled with important decisions at every turn – from small space solutions to big-ticket items, it can quickly feel overwhelming. Luckily, PHG Bricks and Pavers have done the hard work for you and created nine palettes, which they have even further broken down into a super comprehensive 36 state-based schemes that take into account Australia’s various environmental conditions. How good!

Sophisticated Neutrals

As the name would suggest, this is a combination of neutral shades such as stone, beige, cool concrete and off-white. Timeless and understated, this palette suits a broad range of homes. Never dominating, neutrals also provide the perfect backdrop for other colours and textures.

Grey all the way

This palette is all about layering tones and shades of – you guessed it – grey. Simple and elegant, timeless and tranquil, this palette is as effortless as it is timeless.

Dark & Stormy

Uber moody and sophisticated, this palette combines a spectrum of black, smoke, espresso and midnight blue and is ideal for those wanting to make a statement.

Industrial Chic

Featuring age-old materials and statement metals, Industrial Chic is all about creating a space that is raw, gritty and modern. Embracing all things aged and utilitarian, this palette fits perfectly with the ‘warehouse’ look that is enjoying such wide appeal.

Coastal Hamptons

Taking cues from a classic American trend that combines coastal village with modern elegance, this style is all about creating a relaxed atmosphere. This palette layers pale colours and simplistic finishes and works well with warm earthy tones.

Fresh Naturals

Fresh Naturals is all about bringing the outside in. Realised through shades of green, soft browns, sand and bronze, this calming palette is fresh and gentle.

Warm Earth

Warm Earth features deep colours and earthy tones characterised by spice notes, dusty pinks, clays and reds. This palette’s beauty lies in its ability to impart a sense of warmth and cosiness.

Luxury Noir

Luxury Noir is a style statement that embraces opulence and glamour. Dark and dramatic or chic and sophisticated, this palette can effortlessly elevate a space in an instant.

Painted Brick

This style offers infinite design possibilities and is a great way of using natural brick as a design feature. Often associated with mid-century, post-industrial or loft styles, this palette will create a welcoming and vibrant look.


There you have it! Be inspired by the Australian lifestyle, our unique urban and rural landscapes, and get designing.

Not sure what your design style is? Take the PHG Bricks & Pavers quiz to find out!

WORDS | Lucy Francis, TLSE



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