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For our fifth feature in the series, we sat down with Catherine Musson from Musson Jewellers. Catherine is the Operations Director at Musson Jewellers, and shared some insight with us, from what it's like to be a part of the family business all the way to overcoming adversity as a woman in business.

Specialising in bespoke designs that incorporate rare gems, Musson offers Argyle Pink Diamonds, Forevermark Diamonds and Kailis South Sea Pearls (need we say more). As one of Australia's most awarded jewellery houses, Catherine knows the ins and outs of what it's like to work in a high stakes environment.

[TLSE]Who is one of your biggest inspirations when it comes to females in business?

[CATHERINE] My mother-in-law Kerry Musson. She is the driving force of this business and the Musson family, there is nothing she isn’t across! She managed the ‘business’ side of things for years, and now manages the whole family. I don’t know where she finds the time to always remember client’s special anniversaries as well as each grandchild’s first day at kindergarten – but she truly is a superwoman! It is inspirational and she shows that you can really have a work life balance and enjoy every moment of both sides of life.

What are some of your favourite jewellery designs?

I am partial to Argyle Pink Diamonds – being so rare, they are the ultimate jewellery indulgence – anything with pinks in it I love. I also believe that jewellery is meant to be worn, it shouldn’t be hidden in locked boxes, so beautiful diamonds during the day still take my breath away.

What is one of the most rewarding parts of being in a family-owned business?

Obviously, one of the biggest perks is being able to see the latest jewellery and try it on! But really, it is building a brand and a business that our whole family works on every single day. Knowing that you are all working towards the same goals, learning together, growing together and experiencing success together is so satisfying to do with

your loved ones.

Are there any unexpected obstacles that you have faced while being in business?

Covid 19! Steering a business through a global pandemic while home schooling three children was definitely an experience, but one that I believe is making our business and our family bonds stronger. We are more mindful of each other and our client’s needs.

As a female in business what advice do you have for overcoming adversity throughout your career?

Stay true to yourself. If you work hard, and build a great support network around you, you will succeed. There should be nothing you cannot overcome if you stick to your guns and keep working at it.

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WORDS | Brittany Ross



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