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Introducing: People Haircare, the supermarket secret selling one bottle a minute

They say you don't feel right without good shoes and good hair, but with high-quality shampoo and conditioner from a salon costing upwards of $50 a bottle, basic grooming can sometimes feel less essential and more luxury. Thankfully there is a new player in town making good hair days more affordable, introducing: People Haircare.

People is premium, salon-performing haircare for everyone. Formulated by industry-leading experts. Available exclusively through over 800+ Coles supermarkets nationwide, People is proudly Australian made, owned and manufactured.

People was created by Co-Founders Katherine Ruiz and Matt John, Directors of branding agency Anatomy Studios™ with the intention of making high quality, salon-performing haircare products accessible through supermarkets across Australia.

At a $16 price point, People is proving that salon-performance doesn’t need to be overly pricey. The results speak for themselves, selling a bottle a minute since launching.

“I’ve found it frustrating that premium haircare has never been accessible through supermarkets. We’ve worked with award-winning haircare brands through our branding agency Anatomy Studios™ over the years and thought to ourselves if we don’t do it, someone else will. As people that care a lot about our hair it was a non-negotiable that our formulas had to perform like they do in salons without breaking the bank. We are not afraid to say we’re the best performing product in the supermarket. And so do our customers.” Says Co-Founder, Katherine Ruiz.

People is led by creative directors—and self- proclaimed hair fanatics—Katherine Ruiz and Matt John, with support from industry-leading experts. With years of experience under their belts, they know a thing or two about building brands and the hair industry.

People was created to fill the gap in salon-performing, affordable and accessible haircare in supermarkets. People’s highly-effective, beautifully designed and ethically made products are made to suit everyone and every hair types.

If you'd like to try People's revolutionary formulas, visit the shelves of your local Coles, or alternatively you can purchase online, here.



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