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Not too little, not too much.

This is the mantra behind the latest life style trend Lagom; more than just a trend, it's a way of living for many.

With Scandinavia synonymous for interior trends - think the likes of Scandi and Hygge, however which way you pronounce it! - we revert to scenes that are comfy, cosy and uber cool.

We've been told time and time again that moderation is key, a mantra that lies at the core of the Lagom philosophy. But buying better, reducing waste and living a balanced life is not an entirely new concept, nor is it a new way of living. With anti-consumerism on the rise, the need for sustainable, clean and made to last products are in demand.

From this, how we surround ourselves and treat our day to day life is changing; we search for more fruitful experiences that hold meaning, choosing to spend our time on projects that hold importance and serve our higher selves.

Living Lagom is a more simpler, conscious way of living; and often it's the smallest changes that have the biggest impact.

Up-cycling, recycling and using sustainable materials where possible is one way to enjoy the home comforts you love, without taking too much from the planet. This doesn't mean that you have to stop indulging and living a minimalist lifestyle.

Next time you find yourself making an impulse purchase, firstly think:

Is this too much, is it too little, or is it just enough.


Words, Enika Rood



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