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The next instalment of our Meet The Maker series...

We spoke to Tamara, the small biz owner behind Maine+Mara. As crafters and producers of edgy statement jewellery, these guys design with the wearer in mind (that's you!) so you can look your best contemporary 80s-and-90s-fashion-inspired self.

What is your creative process when it comes to designing and/or making your products? My process is inspired by everything - from the amazing colours and shapes found in nature to street art, 80s fashion, 90s music and dance. While I work I always have music playing. Some times lyrics I hear lead to a concept, Jill Scotts "Love rain down on me...." came to life as our LOVE RAIN collection. Sometimes it's the beauty of movement itself that inspires a design - like our CHIMES collection. My ideas are always concept led. I love things to have meaning, I think it allows accessories to create an emotional connection beyond aesthetics.  

Every step happens right here in our Sydney studio, from first sketch, to finished design. Laser cutting is done locally and we hand craft each and every piece.

What do you see as your brand’s most valuable point of difference? I had a serious cycling accident that resulted in my face needing reconstruction. (I was super lucky and am also a poster child for Bio Oil!) This experience made me acutely aware of how the shapes and colour we wear balance our features, and can deeply impact how we feel and determine whether we see ourselves in a positive way. Soooo I decided to leave my advertising career (of 17 years) to pursue my passion of designing and creating unique products that spread positive self expression and perception. My aim is to create designs that visually embody your inner strength, your fiercest bold self, outwardly and unapologetically, celebrating uniqueness! 

What do you love most about being a small artisan business? That's got to be seeing my ideas come to life and being loved out in the wild, plus the awesome humans that it allows me to connect with. As a small business owner selling your own creations, you get to connect on such a personal level with your audience and absorb their feedback directly!

Where would you love to be in 5 years? Still designing and creating unique products, but with a bigger engaged following of like-minded lovers from around the world. With our collections stocked at boutique designer stores and galleries.


INSTAGRAM @maineandmara



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