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You'd be forgiven for letting go a bit of your health and fitness routine during the madness that has been 2020. And we're totally not here to judge if perhaps, possibly, just maybe you've been dipping your hand into the cookie jar a few more times than usual (guilty!). Or maybe you're just looking to switch up your routine and try something new to kickstart season II of the weirdest year ever.

Whatever it is - Surry Hills fitness and health studio Cycology is the answer. The club reinvents the standard cycle workout, adding upper body movement and choreographed weight tracks - hello toned muscles for summer! More than just a gym, the nightclub-esque space and high energy classes will have you leaving on a natural high.

We've all seen the visual benefits a good old fashioned cardio blast can produce, but let's not discount the mental health and wellness benefits that can be reaped too - a much more important focus in our opinion! After what has been an anxiety-inducing year to say the least, surely our mental health states could all use a bit of tender love and care.

"I've always prioritised fitness, but in a very superficial way. I've always wanted to look good, feel good and train fairly hard but never solve overall wellness. I never realised it could make me a better person overall."

Founder David Finnimore

The overall business ethos is centred around mindfulness, which, if you know the TLSE gals, you'll know is something we can totally get behind. Meditating pre and post-class in the dedicated mindfulness space is encouraged by the clubs' Cycologists' so you can chill, focus, ride out that high and centre your day, week or month.

Ready for a low-impact highly-beneficial experience? Check it out and book your spot here.


WORDS | Lucy Francis, TLSE



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