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The TLSE team is excited to introduce you to an all new female-led Australian skincare brand with the philosophy of minimal luxury and pure approach, Hummm,


Imagine treating your skin with a blend of locally-sourced, wild-harvested and bio-active ingredients. Well, that's what Hummm, the Melbourne-based brand, is all about. The brand's aim is to promote the importance of ritual and practice as fundamental to achieving mindfulness; leaving your skin and mind nourished.


"Hummm's ethos is rooted in facilitating a stronger connection to the self. This has really informed every element of Hummm as a brand and as a product, so that something as simple as taking a few minutes to really enjoy the sensorial experience of caring for our skin can be a powerful trigger for our sense of calm and balance," explains Emma Vaughan.

Every product is comprised of a synthesis of natural, botanical ingredients, delivering both anti-ageing benefits as well as glowing and healthier skin. Some ingredients include Kakadu Plum, Pomegranate, Wattle Seed, Finger Lime and gentle, highly effective AHAs, including lactic and hyaluronic acids.

“There is an increasing awareness that the best approach to skincare is a balance of natural scientific influences. We've partnered up with a local biochemist here in Melbourne to develop our serum and oil, and have ensured everything is tested for biocompatibility,” explains Zoë Rubino.

The two founders of Hummm Emma Vaughan and Zoë Rubino put emphasis on transparency, making sure that everything that goes into Hummm is non-toxic and, as much as possible, organic and locally-sourced. Even their products are bottled by hand in Melbourne.


Vaughan's background as an interior designer and restauranteur, and Rubino's background in hospitality management with some of Melbourne's most established businesses, forged their desire to build a brand that places equal importance on experience and outcomes.

Hummm is now available to purchase here.


WORDS | Laura Baehny


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