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As long as I have been a stylist, I have been shopping and sourcing products from the Supa Centa Moore Park.

So when I was asked if I was interested in talking to them about creating a summer outdoor area that was in line with trends that I am in love with, I didn't really have to think twice.  

Outdoor Sofa from Harvey Norman. Cushions , Pot and Throw from Adairs. Mat from Freedom.

Summer and the outdoors for me go hand in hand.

We live for summer and living life outside, so a makeover in the latest trends, colours and products was just what we needed to get Summer ready.  Makeovers are always exciting, as the contrast between the before and after is always amazing to witness.

We have a large verandah at home, so having greenery surrounding us with the creature comforts we have grown to rely on is a must for extending the indoor space to the outdoor space, where we spend our sunny weekend afternoons. 

When I hit the stores at the Supa Centa I was overwhelmed with the choice of places to shop for my haul. Having created my mood board with the look and feel I wanted over on Pinterest,  I could at least keep in check with what I was there to buy, whilst making sure I stayed within budget. Whenever I am shooting or shopping for myself or a client, having a mood board and shopping list pre prepared is the best way to make sure you stay on track. It's non-negotiable.

With this seasons trends in sight, it is easy to make a good start with your big item purchases. I started with my large pieces, like the outdoor seating area, the essential BBQ and the dining setting. Once I had those all locked away it was easy to fill in the gaps; I just needed to work to my colour palette, and check off my list. 

With your large pieces it is worth doing the research; make sure you measure twice and buy once. Trust me, I have learnt that the hard way. Try not to get caught up with the shiny new things around you; stay focused and on task. Shop around and compare styles and variations, but stick to the plan. Our bbq is a showstopper and a beautiful design piece in the perfect charcoal that works well with our look. 

The beauty of the Supa Centa Moore Park is that all the stores you need are in one place, allowing you to easily go back and forth if you need to to compare and finalise your purchases. The final pieces we chose came down to style, budget and size, which all worked together to combine the perfect look we were after for our space,  and most importantly that suits the way we live. 

BBQ from Harvey Norman. Outdoor Sofa from Harvey Norman. Cushions, pot in stand and Throw from Adairs. Mat from Freedom.

Soft furnishings are the colouring in that brings life and personality to your completed look. We chose neutral colours for our base pieces, and bought in pops of on trend colours with our pot details and cushions; the dusty pinks and greys are the perfect combo for a relaxed feel. 

Plant life is important to us, so with an additional trip to our nursery we were able fill our beautiful pots with green and complete the look we were after. We chose variegated foliages to add to the details and finished with bowls of succulents to give it that extra beach vibe. 

With all the main pieces set in place, the soft furnishings thrown in pull it together; we created the perfect summer area for our family to spend the hot balmy nights doing what we love most after a day at the beach. 

Towels and Hat available instore at The Life Style Edit 

See the before shots in the slideshow below. 

To start your own makeover and be summer ready outdoors,

make sure you head to the Supa Centa Moore Park for some inspiration and shopping.


Words, Heidi Albertiri

Photography, Heloise Love



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