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IKEA has an announcement. They are making a promise to use less meat and

more plant based products in their menu with the ultimate goal to increase the

plant based products sold at IKEA to 20%.

These newest foods will be put together with alternative proteins, such as Plant Based Protein Meat Balls, Veggie Hotdogs and Vegetable Based Soft Serve Ice Creams.

By 2030 IKEA aims to:

"inspire and enable more than 1 billion people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet and to develop a climate positive food business by sourcing from farms where animals live a life worth living, food is produced responsibly, and natural ecosystems are protected."

Also included in their new menu are children's options that will ensure that every child that visits the IKEA restaurant has a meal that is appetising and won't break the bank.

The amount of food each day that an average person in Australia wastes, equates in calories, enough to feed another human. That's a scarily large amount of waste which we're sure you'll agree with!


We can't wait to get down to IKEA and try out these plant based options and help our planet in the process!

To find out more about IKEA, and or to check out their new menu, please click here.

Images provided.

Curated by Jodie Wolf, TLSE


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