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Has all of this time spent indoors got you feeling like your home is in need of a refresher? Luckily for us the design duo Katrina and Millie from The Design Paddock have got some clever tips and tricks to uplift your home's interior that are simple and affordable. Factoring in the back pocket, The Design Paddock has compiled five achievable ways to refresh your home, making your dream space that much closer in reach.

“We have found that while people have been spending extensive periods of time at home, spaces are becoming stale and aren’t bringing them the joy they once did. Thankfully, there are some simple changes people can make to their interiors that will transform rooms into spaces they love,” says Katrina Garrett, Co-Founder of The Design Paddock.

1. The power of paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most effortless ways to transform a space, so what better way to start breathing new life into your home than with a brand new colour scheme? This doesn't just apply to the interior either - consider repainting your front door or even the garden pots in your entry for a powerful change to make create a more inviting entry.

“A spot that’s often overlooked is the hallway or the entry to the home. These areas are important as they connect to the spaces you live in and can set the initial impression of the home. Over the years, walls, doors and trims can look battered and more commonly adopt marks or cracks. A fresh coat of paint can make the biggest difference here. We recommend a gloss trim paint to contrast against a matt or low sheen wall paint. You’ll be surprised with the impact it can make” says Millie Alison, Co-Founder of The Design Paddock

2. Rearrange the furniture

Between the warmer and cooler months, there's an opportunity to rearrange spaces. People generally use the TV as the centrepiece of a living room, but Katrina explains this shouldn't always be the case! Instead, try arranging your space around a fireplace so the television becomes less of a focal point and the room is better suited for conversation. Even consider moving your armchair beside a window to create the perfect reading nook or spot to wind down and soak up the afternoon sun.

"Living rooms should be centred around conversation and comfort” says Katrina.

3. Switch up your lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in determining the atmosphere and ambiance of a room, so any changes in this can have a huge impact on the way a space feels. Warm light globes around the home are the perfect way to bring a softer touch to your home, and adjusting lighting can be a great way to highlight an artwork or pendant. Lighting should be both functional and beautiful, so a directional light in a hall way is an easy way to light the space well while drawing attention to the art or frames on the walls.

“Alternating lighting throughout the house is another way to make spaces feel cosy. Incorporate varying scales and heights in your lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights, dimmable ceiling lights and pendants in soft textures to create interest and an overall lovely ambiance,” added Millie.

4. Reprioritise and de-clutter

With all of the extra time spent at home recently, there is no better time to take charge and rid your space of clutter! Organising the bookshelves can bring new life to a forgotten area, and are the perfect spot to display loved relics like bowls and artwork. Stacking books in vary directions can also add dimension and interest to a shelf display, so add your treasured keepsakes on the top of books to draw attention to them.

"Interiors should feel full but not cluttered. Less is more!” continued Katrina.

5. Reinvigorate with soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are the easiest way to incorporate colour, texture and patterns to a space with minimal effort. Soften your bedroom with a rug beneath the end of the bed, add a textured bedhead or even try recovering an old chair or throw cushions to enhance the feel of the space. Picking your favourite fabric can be tricky, especially if your favourite happens to be expensive. An easy way to get around costly materials can be achieved through upholstering the back of your cushions or bedhead with a plain fabric and decorating with bolder cushions instead.

“I’ve also previously chosen beautiful tea towels or fabric cuttings and framed them for affordable art,” added Millie.

Make spending time indoors easy and fill some time by breathing new life into your space, and creating n interior that you won't want to leave!


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Sheri McMahon Photography, The Design Paddock



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