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"A bespoke food odyssey, cultural immersion, and pampering wellness sessions."

Shop Eat Love Our Vietnam is a luxurious, ethical, delicious, immersive and fun tour for women who share a passion for sustainable travel. The tour has been inspired by two fem-preneurs, Judith Treanor and Kerry Newsome, whose mutual love and knowledge of Vietnam brought them together.

"Guests will nourish their souls in the best local cuisine, immerse themselves in culture and history, and experience Vietnamese hospitality."

Pushing away from the "cheap-cheap", hiking, or busing kind of tour, Shop Eat Love Our Vietnam will open up a side of the country you probably haven't seen yet; a side that has sustainable high-end fashion shopping and luxury experiences at its forefront, where there is an abundance of design-led ethical and locally made unique fashion, decor and gifts to be found.

Judith Treanor is the founder of the online gift store Temples and Markets, showcasing ethically sourced and artisan-crafted products from social enterprises, designers, and artisans in South East Asia. She is a Sydney based mum who wants to share her love for shopping, eating and holidaying through South East Asia.

Kerry Newsome is the founder of Hello Hoi An Vietnam - an online Vietnam travel resource - and is currently working for the female-owned Vietnamese tour company.

The three locations you will travel to with these two inspiring women:

  • Hanoi, the historic and cultural capital of Vietnam

  • Hoi An, the UNESCO World Heritage city on the river

  • Saigon, the buzzing fashion heart of Vietnam

From unique fashion showrooms for bespoke and exclusive events, concept stores and undiscovered ethical workshops, to indulging in the best street food, to modern Vietnamese restaurants; the tour explores all things TLSE loves. Time to get your suitcase ready and plunge into the streets of Vietnam!

For both Judith and Kerry, the creation of this tour has been filled with love, and they are excited to share an unparalleled experience of Vietnam.

9 days to be remembered forever.


WORDS | Laura Baehny


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