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Even if you don’t own a fabulous flower shop, you can still have a love affair with gorgeous blooms every day.

The one very simple tip to remember is that you need a great bud vase. And preferably one that you adore. A bud vase is a vase that can only fit one or a few stems into the opening. You might have one already at home. It could be a family heirloom or a holiday souvenir, or been given to you as a gift. If not, then you might find a bud vase you love in an op shop or simply want to treat yourself to one that is truly mind blowing.

We have a fave bud vase in store at the moment that is low and round and a little sculptural too. It’s very simple and that’s why we love it. Perfect next to the bed to admire your blooms as the first and last thing you do each day. Or lovely on the dining table to enjoy with your meals. Right now it’s on the desk for inspiration!

So now that you have the vase, you need to find some blooms for it. This is the easy part! If you have a local flower shop then you can pick up one or a few stems of anything that catches your eye. Sometimes taking your vase with you can help you choose. You can go for sculptural or pretty, long lasting or not. Even the process of wilting can be beautiful and artistic. One of our favourites is the magnolia blossom for its sweet fragrance and it’s oh so divine wilting process. Starting out white then turning to cream and then a deep tan colour before curling up to say fare thee well.

Or even better, if you have a garden or potted plants on the balcony then don’t be afraid to pick your own flowers and foliage. Autumn garden roses are so heavenly scented that they really need to be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. Natives and tropicals are awesome for something long lasting, and there are so many beautiful varieties that you may even find some in your front or backyard.

If all else fails then you can do like we’ve been known to do and scour your local neighbourhood to find flowers and foliage worthy of a place in the spotlight. Of course we always ask permission (and just happen to have our secateurs at the ready)!

So whilst it’s lovely to send grand gestures of amazing floral masterpieces to our loved ones to mark special moments, we also love the idea of spoiling ourselves a little every day with the grand gesture of simplicity.



Alysia Samperi, from Hamblin's FloristShop 2/25 McKeon St, Maroubra Beach, SydneyTLSE Flower Contributor



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