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We come from different design backgrounds at The Life Style Edit, and all with different design experience. It's what makes our team so unique. Amongst us walk photographers, florists, stylists, product designers and PR gurus. It's the conglomerate of our skills however, that allows us to work so fluidly towards a common goal - that is, to make and appreciate beautiful things.

Be they experiences, content, art, homewares and/or furniture, the new collections ~ featured below ~ from Behr & Co, Marmoset Found and Kate Mayes are no exception to our appreciation of beautiful design. We hope you love them as much as we do.


Lou's passion for design and beautiful things led her to work at some of Melbourne's leading and progressive furniture, lighting, accessory, bathroom and kitchen establishments.

After living, working and studying Interior design in London a few years ago, Lou returned home full of perspective, hopes and dreams - that one day she would boss herself around and do what she loved most. That is admiring and surrounding herself in the effortless beauty found in objects that define purity and mother nature... and to do it!

Styling by Sara Huckett ~ @lennox_rd ~ for Greenhouse Interiors

Photography by Armelle Habib


Marmoset Found is a brand predicated on functional and beautiful product with a strong play on sculpture and shape. To date, the range has consisted of ceramics, but an exciting extension to this will be the launch of glass with the same design principles in mind. Clusters of glass vessels will form the core of this new collection in subtle jewel like tones, such as rose, ink blue, storm grey and coffee. With a mix of heights and shapes, the vessels will look beautiful with or without florals.  "I wanted to explore glass that made an impact, where stems could be placed at various indentations to create depth for floral displays. It was important the design celebrated form, function and beauty symbiotically" says Nareen, owner of Marmoset Found. The range will be shown at Life Instyle Sydney in Feb and available for purchase shortly after in stores and online.

Styling by Julia Green. Photography by Armelle Habib.


“I have no plans when I begin to paint, I just start - usually with a leaf”.

Coastal artist Kate Mayes is known for her bold application of colour and contrasting techniques that swing between the use of thick structured paints and watery washes. Inspired by her natural surrounds and guided by intuition - Kate’s paintings evolve over weeks of layering and experimentation in her Torquay based studio. 

Known best for her botanical interpretations and deep sea green palettes, Kate’s work can be found at leading interior boutiques and galleries both locally and and internationally.

“It’s finished when it’s finished. I don’t overthink it - the canvas speaks to me, and tells me when its time for tools down.”

Styling by Sara Huckett @lennox_rd for Greenhouse Interiors.

Photography by Armelle Habib. 



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