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Studio Kyss Designer Kenny Son; 925 Sugar Spoons


Within our day to day lives, tableware and the rituals we create with beautiful pieces are represented through the activities we share amongst family and friends; the dining table is a hotspot of conversation and connection, an opportunity to celebrate through gestures of good food (and good wine).

Contextually, it was from around the mid 19th century that the rituals of dining dramatically changed. No longer were there large feasting banquets and opulent displays of artfully balanced food, but petite, individual courses. Overnight tables were sparse by comparison, with tableware now a means to show off wealth and status. Choice and the integration of different glassware, cutlery and dishes throughout our courses, became pride of place.

And so it is, that we've reached into the depths of our metaphorical kitchen draws and gathered together our favourite modern day tablewares.

There's a little something for everyone.

Shackpalace Rituals; Riverstone Plate Round


Below Studio Kyss, Designer Kenny Son; Brass Butter Knife

Sheets On The Line; Table Linens Organic Cotton Slate Set


Left-Shakepalace Rituals; Matter Glaze Black Stoneware plate

Right- Sharon Alpren; Tableware in Ash


Dinosaur Designs; Forest- extra large earth bowl


Right- Maison Balzac; Indigo Carafe and Glass


Dinosaur Designs; Lapis Landscape - Horn Bangle, Tall Stone Jug and Large Rock Cups


Images supplied.

Words and Curation, Isabelle Clark, TLSE.



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