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Christmas is on the horizon and with all the gift purchases snapped up at Black Friday sales, we thought you might be ready to get them all wrapped up under the tree ready for the big day.

We have made it so easy for you to have your gifts looking super special. Here is our wrap up of the best Christmas wrapping with some handy tips on how to have the best-wrapped pressies in town.

Our Tips for a successful wrapping session

Get all your pressies together and lay them out so you can see what you are working with

Have your wrapping paper and supplies at the ready. Washi tape, good paper scissors, twine, ribbons and cards.

Grab your first present, start with the largest one in case you have any paper off cuts - you can use them for smaller presents.

Measure the present on the paper to see how much you will need. Cut around the present to allow enough room for folds and keeping everything hidden

Bring ends of the paper to the middle of the present and add tape to secure.

Fold one side into a perfect triangle, making sure that it is equal to the opposite side. Tape down.

Fold the other side into triangle and tape.

Double-check tape is secure and add ribbon and card - handy hint: nothing beats a hand written card!

Pop under the tree ready for Christmas!

Hero - Wrapping paper: Kikki K // Kami Paper // Ikea // Bespoke

Image 1 - Wrapping paper: Bespoke Letterpress //Kami Paper

Card and Tape: Kikki K

Image 2 - Wrapping paper: Kami Paper // Bespoke Letterpress

Ornaments: Down to the Woods

Image 3 - (Bottom - Top) Wrapping paper: Ikea // Kami Paper

Image 4 - Wrapping paper (Bottom - Top): Koch & Co // Kami Paper // Kikki K // Ikea

Image 5 - Wrapping paper (Bottom - Top): Koch & Co // Kami Paper // Kikki K // Ikea // Elm Paper

Chair: Inartisan

Image 6 - Ornaments: Down to the Woods

Image 7 - Wrapping paper: Ikea

Tape: Kmart

Image 8 - Wrapping paper: Kami Paper

Shot on Location at The Life Style Edit Studio - If you want your brand photographed or included in our Edit. Get in touch


PROPS | Savanna Cohen

STYLING | Heidi Albertiri / Savanna Cohen

PHOTOGRAPHY | Susan Ferris



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