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Captured in the 1979 Aussie Crawl song ‘Beautiful People’, the resurgence of the 70’s and 80’s indoor plant trend is here to stay for a while yet. Once a retro oasis of rubber plants, umbrella trees and macramé plant hangers, green interiors have been reimagined with generous plants, striking foliage and textural planters becoming living works of art in the home.

Whether you are wanting to create an urban jungle or just cheer up a space in your home, indoor plants are the one thing we just can’t live without. They make us happier, healthier and breathe life into modern interiors.

Macramé is an enduring and creative way to display indoor plants adding interest and texture when floor space is limited. One style in our macramé hanger’s collection is hand crafted by an artisan who has been making plant hangers since the 70’s. They create a relaxed, organic feel with their intricate knots and beautiful materials that are suitable for use outdoors.

Cascading plant varieties like the Boston and King Boston fern, Jungle Cactus and Philodendrons all look stunning in the macramé hangers, however our hands down favourite is the Spider plant. Hard to kill and happy in low light, the white and green striped leaves of the Spider plant grow abundantly and produce the most adorable baby plants.

And what about these gorgeous cane plant stands! They look fabulous with any of the cascading plants just mentioned, however for a statement piece you might also want to try some of these larger, hardy indoor plants.

The Lady Finger Palm is emerging as a popular alternative to the temperamental Fiddle Leaf Fig with its blowsy fronds and easy care. With long slender fan-like leaves, the Lady Finger Palm is slow growing and thrives in indirect light making it ideal as a feature in your lounge room. For lavish leaves, the dramatic and elegant Monstera will bring a perfect pop of green that will compliment any interior style.

The Philodendron is also a low maintenance, indirect light loving wonder that with enough space, will create tumbling waves of leaves that will soften a space with its organic, free flowing form. We have a soft spot for the tropical vibe of the Elephant Ear Philodendron on a totem with its large glossy uniquely shaped leaves.

The Snake plant or ‘mother-in-law’s-tongue’ is a bold plant with long, upright dark green leaves variegated with white and yellow striping. Producing oxygen at night, the Snake plant is ideal for the bedroom, purifying the air while you sleep. Displayed in our textural bohemian cane planters, the Snake plant creates a stunning contrast.

Now if you don’t have a green thumb or a space in your home where plants can thrive, but you would still love greenery without the hassle, we also have amazing fake Philodendron and Boston ferns. They look so real! These are a standout in macramé hangers for a canopy look in areas that are hard to reach and always perfect in a plant stand.

So now we can all be ‘Beautiful People’ with a house full of plants, and we have Afterpay! Stop by and see us in Maroubra Beach or call us on 9344 7004. We can help you select the perfect piece for your home and give you all the info you need to keep your new plant friends happy and healthy.

Indoor plants $45-$220

Jute Macramé $50

70s Macramé S $65 M $85 L $120 Xl $150 (M,L pictured)

Cane Plant Stands S $90 M $130 L $170

Baskets from $45

Brass Pots from $65

Pots and Urns $60-$450



Alysia Samperi



Images supplied



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