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I remember the day that I discovered that there were people that got paid to make things look good in photos. I didn't know what it was called or how I would even go about doing it. I just knew that this was the job for me.

Fast forward 20 or so years, and I still feel like a kid in a candy store. And so with with some client shoots in Melbourne and a vast array of beautiful stores at our feet, we set off to discover some beautiful VIC brands to play with.

Join us, as we share with you what a typical day looks like when prepping and propping for a photoshoot.


Early starts are a must for shoot and propping days.

Propping days consist of collecting all the additional items you need in order to pull a shoot together. By this stage in the game, you have your moodboard complete, shot list ready and items arranged with brands ready for collection. It's a matter of going from store to store to collect and ticking off the list as you go.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed off the plane, Lucy (TLSE photographer) and myself head to Alfa Romeo to collect our beautiful Stelvio. The Stelvio is the perfect stylists car; with pre-programmed addresses loaded into the digital maps and a pop up boot door at the ready to make it easy for loading, we're all set. The Stelvio was the perfect vehicle to navigate our way through the burbs of Melbourne, as we filled it to the brim with products for our shoot.


412 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne

Clickon Furniture is Australia's leading online furniture retailers, specializing in functional and contemporary designs tailored for the modern home. They source only the highest quality products locally and from around the globe, and provide their customers with the widest range of designer furniture and homewares in the nation.


No.3 Glasshouse Rd, Collingwood, Melbourne.

Since 2005, independent spirit Lightly has been producing considered and functional products inspired by a sense of adventure and resourcefulness. Over the years Lightly has built international relationships in the architecture, hospitality and design community through shared values of considered living, innovation and timeless design.

Their vessels are second to none and as a stylist and ex florist it's all my dreams come true in this store. The beautiful objects take your breath away and it is well worth a visit down this cute little lane.


20-22 Parsons Ave, Springvale, Melbourne

Inspired by uniquely Australian living, Globe West create distinctive furniture and homewares for beautiful spaces. Embracing colour and texture, they celebrate their surroundings to bring you design that transforms your everyday.

"Developing and curating our collection together is a labour of love and everything in it is designed to inspire your creativity. We believe great design makes life better and since you’re here, we suspect you do too!"

Globe West tug at the heart strings and make you want to totally restyle your house from scratch. You have been warned.


336 - 338 Johnston St Abbotsford, Melbourne

Founded in 2006, Life Interiors is a Sydney and Melbourne based furniture retailer focusing on delivering fashionable and contemporary furniture to style-minded Australians.

Featuring a wide range of exclusive Australian and imported brands, their ethos is to provide everyday Australians with designer furniture at an affordable price. With design influences sourced predominantly from Europe and America, they live in the heartbeat of modern design to offer designer furniture for your home or workplace at affordable prices.

With so many choices, give yourself enough time to meander through all the shelves to really take in all the beautiful objects on display.


13 Central Boulevard, Port Melbourne, Melbourne

Mr Fresh is a large wholesale floral and foliage supplier based in Port Melbourne and the Epping Market. They supply to a variety of businesses and creative individuals with high quality and consistent flowers all year-round.

Flowers + Heidi = Happy place. Enough said.


With the car full, we pulled up to our biggest shoot of the trip - a full day photoshoot with Renee from Fleuressence. A friend to TLSE, Renee's artwork explores the symbolic and emotional connection of flowers to time, places and people. Using ice and flowers as her two artwork mediums, the ice (a traditional and natural preservation tool) acts as a vehicle to suspend flowers and capture them in time, documenting the interplay between the floral form (Earth), Light refraction, Air and Water.

The beauty of Renee's work lies in the juxtaposition created between the flower's organic form and they structure they are confined within, as she documents each blooms' unique fingerprint through macro photography.

Needless to say, we had no issue shooting such beautiful work !!


Ovolo Laneways

Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

A trip to Melbourne wouldn't be complete without staying somewhere cool. And the Ovolo Laneways was the epitome of that. Inspired by Melbourne's hidden laneways, our two-bedroom Penthouse suite overlooked the skyline of the CBD, with the sunset filtering through as we celebrated a successful couple of days.

In the perfect location and with room to house our Alfa Romeo Stelvio, would we stay there again? Definitely!!

Melbourne you capture our hearts every time. You inspire us with your coolness and we cannot wait to get back to you soon.

If you have a business or brand in Melbourne and are in need of content then you are in luck. Team TLSE are now heading to Melbourne regularly for photoshoots.

You can get in touch via to find out when we will be in town next


Styling | Heidi Albertiri

Heidi dressed by | Assembly label, Nice Martin

Photography | Lucy Alcorn

Words | TLSE



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