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We chat to our very own Heidi Albertiri about the Casita journey, the wonderful location and her favourite design elements.

What was your vision for the house?

HEIDI: Casita’s look and feel came from the house really dictating what it needed. I wanted it to be aesthetically calm, with beautiful textures, simple but thoughtful styling, not over crowded, over designed or trying too hard. In all that though it also needs to be practical and have everything you need to have the perfect stay.

Where did your design start with the floorpan and also the design elements within?

When we were looking for a house we were looking for something not too big and that would lend itself to a more laid back style. The shape of the house dictated the styling and planning journey, as it reminded me of a villa in Spain or Mexico. I just needed to fill in the blanks, so I started by getting a feel for the spaces and working out what they all needed. From there it organically evolved and we were lucky enough to have a talented builder who worked with us to bring it to life.

The home is about the textures as well as the colours. Walls are painted using Haymes Paint in sand paint and the layers of neutral tones bring the relaxed vibe together.

Colourwise, I wanted to keep it neutral to really instill that sense of calm and no fuss, and as the space is small you need to be careful about filling it with too many things. I have chosen pieces of furniture to accompany that flow as we have gone along.

What is your favourite room in the house?

So hard to choose, there are a few. I love being in the kitchen, it's the part of the house you can see nearly all the rest of the space from. It feels calm and you capture the light, the textures and it just feels like the place I want to ponder in. The outdoor shower has is a bit of a hit too, perfect for when you come back for a morning swim.

The bathrooms in Casita are so lovely, you feel a million miles away, the way the light hits the Earp Bros tiles in the bathroom always brings a smile to my face.

Why the NSW south coast?

Well, Bali and Greece were out of the question with COVID! The south coast beaches were somewhere we had always loved and the beaches are so magical that it just worked for us. It's only 2.5 hours from Sydney and a super easy drive –if you stop off at Berry on the way for a coffee then you are nearly there.

What will people find in the house when they explore?

Good, thoughtful and simple design. We've poured our hearts and soul into creating this little house and I just want people to notice all the details — the little things.

There may also be a special drawer filled with lovely products that people use and keep in exchange for creating and sharing content on socials… like a kind of currency between friends.

"Every single thing has been put in the house for a reason and that is to be purposeful, beautiful and to bring joy."

What makes Casita different from from other holiday houses in Vincenta?

Vincentia is definitely not saturated with good design, places like Byron Bay are expected to have a certain design aesthetic and that just hasn't hit the south coast with such gusto.. There are beautiful places spattered all over the south coast but the beauty of it is that you can find the gems and enjoy them for what they are.


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