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The Unique, Versatile, Energy-Packed Must-Have For Coffee Lovers

With the same great taste and a new sleek look, Industry Beans are re-introducing their cold brew cans to the market with a sparkling new addition. Now available in three unique flavours; Single Origin Still, Single Origin Sparkling, and Superfood Cascara Spritz.

Made in Melbourne by the Industry Beans team, the new, fresh look of the 100% recyclable cans have been redesigned to resemble the origins of the coffee inside, referencing the mountains where the coffee is grown.

Industry Beans Superfood Cascara Spritz is the first of its kind sparkling coffee cherry tea. They have taken a simple cascara brew - with a rich, tea-like flavour and a syrupy mouthfeel - and carbonated it for an exciting new drinking experience. It's refreshing, energising, and delicious straight from the can or as a base for mixed drinks, mocktails, and cocktails.

Industry Beans Cold Brew Cans are available for purchase as either a single can, four-pack or sixteen pack from Industry Beans venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. As well as online here.


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