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Have you ever thought about the tap our water comes from; do you ever think about the design?

Our friends at Sussex Taps believe your tap should express your individual taste and satisfy appetites for aesthetic perfection. Their taps are made from raw materials by artisans in Sussex Tap’s Melbourne workshop, giving unique beauty to each individual piece.

The rise of the wabi-sabi ethos as an aesthetic in interior design (see our Wabi Sabi styling post) aligns perfectly with Sussex Tap’s unusual and bold finishes. This Japanese lifestyle philosophy turned interior trend is based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, and embraces the beauty of weathered materials, textures, and shapes. Wabi-sabi celebrates imperfections and embraces the natural flow of life.

This is where Sussex Taps, with their beautiful, rustic character and uncomplicated beauty, comes in. The focus being on what the tap becomes rather than what it was bought as. Each tap develops unique imperfections through wear and tear to reveal a brassy sheen.

Sussex’s Creative Director Vanessa Katsanevakis has been inspired by the Japanese lifestyle and its interior design aesthetic.

The rise of the wabi-sabi ethos as an aesthetic in interior design feels perfectly aligned with our own brand philosophy. The beauty of unusual, bold finishes is something we are always drawn to. Our living finishes are designed to not only stand the test of time but to hero the passing of time, too.

Further, Sussex's environmental footprint is seen throughout the sustainable processes associated with the product, from the sourcing of materials (e.g. recycled brass shavings) to the longevity of the taps. The Worn Black finish also embodies Sussex’s commitment to environmental responsibility and organic design processes.

Let’s face it none of us are perfect, so why not embrace it?

The wabi-sabi aesthetic is one we can all relate to, and one we can easily achieve - in our home with aged furnishings, worn wood, weathered leather and linens, and in our life. Working alongside organic and natural materials such as wood, linen, leather and concrete, Sussex’s range of taps in living finishes brings soul and character to the home.



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