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These days, it seems everyone is striving to be perfect. Perfect house, perfect social media post, perfect life…

But we all know that nothing can be perfect; I've been thinking about this a lot recently. Why things don’t always work out for example, or why I can’t just be better at some things (specifically dancing and singing); I’m learning however, to just enjoy where I am today. Things are the way they are for a reason (and if anyone knows the reason, please feel free to let me know!).

So in a time where perfection is expected, let’s say no! And start to appreciate the less than perfect moments life throws at us. Imperfections make us interesting, different and unique; and if everything was just so all the time, life would get pretty boring. And this brings me to my recent Wabi-sabi styling session at The Life Style Edit.


For the uninitiated, Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that acknowledges in life nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.

When it comes to interiors, Wabi-sabi is not just a design trend, but a lifestyle focusing on the imperfect beauty of the hand made object and the incomplete nature of spaces.

It is minimalism that focuses on the people who live in the space.

It is about celebrating things which are not perfect or have been worn over time.

It is simple, minimalist, honest interiors featuring handcrafted furniture and objects.

It is rough textures, minimally processed items, natural materials and hues.

I’ve been so interested in this philosophy since living in Japan another lifetime ago, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my very own take on Wabi Sabi in a dining setting that I created in The Life Style Edit studio.

I started with some C R U S H E D textured table linen in a variety of natural, earthy colours. I didn’t go for anything too refined, remembering that beauty is in imperfection.

Then, I add some G L A Z E D ceramics and tablewares that were rustic, simple-looking and had shapes that were not quite symmetrical. Notice how the colours and textures emphasise a simple style.

Next, I found my hero pendant. I N S P I R E D by nature, this stunning handcrafted organic shaped bamboo and paper pendant is made with handicraft expertise.

Then, I couldn’t resist this gorgeous R U S T I C vintage wooden stool for authenticity and some cherry B L O S S O M blooms to remind us that nothing lasts forever.

So what do you think? Could your home use a little bit of Wabi-sabi styling? With the warmer weather knocking at the door, it might just be a great time to give it a try.


Words and Styling

Libby Williams, TLSE Style Contributor


Big thanks to Spence & Lyda, the Provider store and The Life Style Edit for allowing me to borrow their amazing products.

Pendant Lamp Shade, Spence and Lyda / Large Ceramic White Pitcher, Spence and Lyda / Medium Ceramic Pitcher in Snake, Spence and Lyda / Ceramic Japanese Swirl Plate, Provider Store / Silver Chopsticks, 2 piece, Provider Store / Ceramic Pour Over Pinch Cup in Teak, Provider Store (bottom only pictured) / Large Plate, Large Bowl & Small Wooden Bowls, Provider Store, Details on application / NASH Napkins and Throw, available at The Life Style Edit / Vase and Chair - Stylists Own

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