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It would come as no surprise to discover that here at TLSE we are obsessed with a Mediterranean design aesthetic, as is evident through Heidi's styling choices at Stay Casita, and the new collection of custom-made tables at Tigmi Trading, which have been designed and constructed in Melbourne, are simultaneously on our wish-list and fuelling all our Italian holiday fantasies.

The collection is realised in a mix of natural stone, glass fibre and reinforced concrete, creating a low, smooth profile resulting in a beautifully refined finish.

Named after Palladiana, a construction technique that dates back to Ancient Rome, it is aesthetically similar to terrazzo, with set uncut stones in cement.

With egalitarian origins, Palladiana is still found in flooring, with as the use of irregular format stone and offcuts commonplace in practice. Fusing structure and narrative continuation of the tradition of Palladiana stonework, the ‘Cast Palladiana’ collection elevates this idea with the use of Grigio Orsola natural stone bars consolidated in cast concrete - composed of 70% recycled material.

The collection, described by designer Harley Hamilton, “An interplay of material tensions, it looks to the prototypical plain weave pattern to create pieces that find joy in the histories of human craft and mineral imperfections."

His considerations on materiality, "Stone and concrete both have a mineral complexity to them, one with natural imperfections and other human. I needed a base that would support the beautiful figuration of the stone bars, but that also had enough depth to match it. I tried tiling to substrates first, but it seemed sacrilegious not to have the stone and concrete working as one single element."

Danielle McEwan, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Tigmi notes, “We are thrilled to share this collection of dining tables and coffee tables by Harley. As we are on a perennial hunt for a more sustainable approach to design, we started to look closer to home to produce new pieces. Our ethos is to work with local artisans and designers to create lasting design that stands the test of time and with minimal impact to the environment. I was immediately drawn to Harley’s use of mixed materials and his ability to create such ‘light’ and refined work from such strong materiality. We are excited to add ‘Cast Palladiana’ to our exclusive collection of works.”

‘Cast Palladiana’ launched at the end of last month and is made to order with lead time of 6-8 weeks, available exclusively at We'll take one of each.



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