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TLSE Trends: Hydration Nation

We have all heard the adage that drinking 8 glasses of water per day is the way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. More specifically, drinking enough water each day is crucial for so many reasons: from regulating body temp to keeping organs running properly, to improving sleep quality and brain function. Basically, water = life.

In the TLSE office, there are seven cool, smart, funny and health-conscious women. We eat lunch together each day and the office more often resembles an aisle of Erewhon (LA's upscale health food store) rather than a tiny kitchen and dining space. Lunches regularly comprise brightly coloured salads (or organic broccoli - Hey Madi! 👋), green smoothies, or gluten-free toast - no Sunblest in sight! It's safe to say we know the importance of consuming our 8 glasses a day.

That being said, we work in social media and design so we certainly wouldn't miss an opportunity to have the most aesthetic accessories we can get our hands on. If having stylish activewear makes you want to exercise more, then it makes sense that the prettier the water bottle, the more you'll drink. That's how we'll be justifying it anyway!

So, here are our office picks for the hottest (or coolest) nude water bottles we could find...

Give the gift of waste-free living with the Frank Green Ceramics Range Gift Set - 295ml/10oz Cup & 1L/34oz Straw Bottle, containing a reusable ceramic coffee cup and drink bottle with straw lid.

Featuring a luxe, satin finish and a sturdy, double-walled stainless steel design, this vacuum-insulated drink bottle keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. And, in just a few clicks, you can add your name or initials to create the perfect, personalised accessory for work, school or the gym.

Perfect for on-the-go hydration! Sleek and spillage-free with an easy hold handle, our Stylerunner The Label Insulated Steel Bottle is made from double-walled stainless steel that keeps drinks hot and cold for up to twelve hours!

Developed for the equally eco and beauty conscious, this BPA and phthalate-free bottle makes meeting your '8 glasses a day' target that much more manageable. Cased in an effortlessly chic opaque light fawn beige coloured sleeve, this water bottle not only serves hydration but an ultimate style-runner vibe.

The A5 memobottle fits perfectly in your bag alongside your iPad, books and laptop. Based on the A5 international paper size, its ergonomic shape allows for a Tetris-style fit. The A5 memobottle is the companion you have been looking for to keep you healthy, hydrated and stylish.

At just $12, the affordable 750ml Insulated Drink Bottle will keep your drink warm or cold and help you keep hydrated throughout the day. It has a screw top lid and comes in a range of beautiful designs (each sold separately).

Stay hydrated!

WORDS | Emma Douglass



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