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Pack your virtual bags, we’re coming to you from Bali, baby!

We’re so excited to be on the road again and in our favourite location to shoot, create and explore. If you're not already drooling, jump on to our socials @the_life_style_edit and be prepared for some serious Bali FOMO - we're posting loads of great Bali-based content on our travels.

Why Bali? Quite simply, it’s everything we love - lifestyle, travel, interiors, food, fashion and beauty - it’s all there.

“Bali to me feels like going home,” says TLSE founder Heidi Albertiri. “It’s the perfect location to create summer-centric content. Creating and curating stunning photoshoots, we find the model and set everything up, working to your dream moodboard. We started early in the year planning our trip this time but we wanted to get it right”.

“I got to know Bali when I lived there and it gave me access to some great people on the ground and in local businesses," says Heidi. " I know my way around, so I know how to scope out all the good locations.”

Art Director Emma Chegwyn agrees. “From a design perspective, I’m really looking forward to seeing how it unfolds this year,” she says. “We love telling stories for others and our business has grown so much in the last 12 months to deliver strong content and branding for our clients. We’ve laid all of the ground work and have everything in place - we’re about to bloom again!”

And how The Life Style Edit has grown - our client list is brimming and we're creating curated content for all kinds of businesses - styling and shooting products in studio and on location. “Coming straight off the back of Life Instyle, I’m looking forward to seeing how TLSE grows from this experience even more to help our clients to get to the next level with their business,” says Emma.

Watch this space with hungry eyes - you’ll wish you were there with us.

Words | Diana Moore, TLSE

Images | The Life Style Edit, shot on location during our 2017 Bali Edit.



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