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With the new season bringing with it shorter days and cooler nights, high on our priority list is spending time indoors and entertaining in the much-needed warmth and comfort of our own homes. We look at the winter tableware trends for this winter.

Entertaining your friends and family at home will be something many of us will relish this winter. Burning our favourite candles, drinking wine and eating from beautiful tableware without waiting for a special occasion is something we now fully embrace. We no longer need a reason to celebrate the good things in life! In these most unusual of times, many of us have rediscovered what matters most.

Setting the table with carefully considered tableware will create an incredible aesthetic and set the tone for your next dinner party at home. This winter, tableware in all forms including plates, salad bowls and cups in earthy hues are a welcome addition for the cooler season and a big trend for the cooler months cocooned indoors. The focus is on colours which comfort and soothe; we see natural hues drawing on nature in colours such as sand, olive, nutmeg, latte and turmeric.

As well as dusty, earthy hues, pattern is also creeping in this winter. With many companies collaborating with artists and designers, tableware and accessories are now an artwork in themselves. This season, Adairs has collaborated with Indigenous designers Miimi & Jiinda, who are members of the Indigenous Art Code, which is a system to preserve and promote ethical trading in Indigenous art.

The Miimi & Jiinda collection was inspired by colours which draw on nature and the earth, as well as "barrmarrany" which means family, signifying the bond between each other and their deep respect for each individual in their clan and tribal nation.

'This design depicts the strength and love these connections carry,' say the artists.

Whatever season you are setting your table for, the focus should be on garnering timeless pieces which will last for years to come, used in moments when we're just celebrating life! This winter, make sure you focus on tableware that complements your existing decor. Luckily, the current trend of earthy and dusty toned tableware pieces are a welcome addition in any interior scheme.


WORDS | Hande Renshaw

IMAGES | Courtesy of In Bed, Aura Home and Adairs



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