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Our favourite products, your baby will thank you for.

Let’s face it, our babies are precious.

We always want the best for them, to make considered choices about their well-being; and if you're reading this, chances are you also want those final choices to look good.

Am I right?

We can agonise for hours over the decisions we make for them. And in this plentiful world we live in, it can quickly become overwhelming. To help you, we have pulled together our absolute favourite baby care products that are good for bub, good for the environment and good for your Instagram account.


Straight from the Adelaide Hills, Jurlique has become household brand synonymous with a pure and natural product range. Their Jurlique Baby’s Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash features camomile and lavender for a calming bath time.

Lullaby Skincare is an Australian gem with products based on organic Aloe Vera. The Lullaby Calming Body Wash is ultra-gentle and soap-free, specially formulated for delicate skin.

When The Base Collective introduced their Little range, we were ecstatic. Their mantra of natural and simplistic is exactly what new mums need! The Hair and Body wash is infused with magnesium to help with that elusive restful sleep.

Pioneers of natural products Dr Bronner’s have been making soap for over 150 years. Their Pure-Castile Baby Bar Soap provides a soft, smooth lather that won’t dry your little one’s sensitive skin.

The Baby Goat Skincare Soap Bar was created just for newborns. Goats Milk is a proven natural alternative for dealing with sensitive and irritated skin by providing moisture and hydration.



Ok… turns out this one is a unicorn. The L’Occitane Mum and Baby Lotion was given to me by mum before the birth of my first baby. I absolutely love it, but sadly it is not currently available online. If you come across it – grab one and cherish it!

Lullaby Heavenly Body Lotion is luxuriously calming and soft. Formulated with the highest quality, natural ingredients to protect and hydrate delicate skin. Bubs will be super soft and ready for cuddles.

We are Feel Good Inc. Paw Paw Nectar is marketed to ‘any hardcore player’… pre-birth you may think this does not apply… post birth we realise.. there is no player more hardcore than your little one. Perfect for all over use for you and bub, it’s a handbag staple.

Little faces cop the brunt of our weather, particularly in winter when we aren’t thinking about sun cream so much. Weleda White Mallow Face Cream is high in organic Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to nourish and protect delicate skin.

Perfect for all over body moisture the Little by TBC Baby Balm is free from nasties and full of essential oils to protect and nourish little bodies. Doubles as a nappy cream for extra value.



99% plant-based, Bondi Wash is non-toxic, bio-degradable and the scents are out of this world! Talc free, this baby powder will get into those delicious baby rolls keeping them dry and rash free.

Petit Kiddo have bought a time honoured French tradition to Australia with their Baby Bum Cleanser. An alternative to wipes, this Australian made bum cleanser cleans and protects naturally at change time, saving our environment with every clean bum.

Weleda is a go to brand for many mum’s looking for super accessible organic products for their bubs. White Mallow Nappy Change Cream soothes hyper-sensitive skin whilst protecting little bottoms from damp nappies between changes.



One for the mums and the bubs. Salt Lab Magnesium Oil Spray will save your cramping legs in pregnancy and help increase shut eye for both of you. Just remember your little ones are little, a small spray to the bottom of their feet will do the job.

Made with Australian calendula flower extract Jurlique Baby Calming Massage Oil is naturally soothing for your bub. A delightful addition to a relaxing bedtime massage.

Dindi Baby Organic Massage Oil is an organic, plant-based massage oil that helps hydrate and sooth your babies skin, while you ritually build your loving bond.


WORDS | TLSE KIDS CONTRIBUTOR, Nicole Ray. Editor, Minty Magazine | @mintymagazine

Minty Magazine is Australia’s most respected destination for inspiration for your children’s spaces and lifestyle must haves.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Francoise Baudet

STYLING | Madeline McFarlane


IMAGE ONE – Hero shot, L-R

Thank you Nappy Balm | Jurlique Baby’s Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash | Bondi Wash Baby Lotion | Dindi Baby Organic Massage Oil | Hanako Happy Baby Spray | Little by TBC Baby Balm


Salt Lab Magnesium Oil Spray | Jurlique Baby Calming Massage Oil | Dindi Baby Organic Massage Oil


Jurlique Baby’s Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash | Lullaby Calming Body Wash | Little by TBC Hair and Body Wash | Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Baby Bar Soap | The Baby Goat Skincare Soap Bar


L’Occitane Mum and Baby Lotion | Lullaby Heavenly Body Lotion | We are Feel Good Inc. Paw Paw Nectar | Weleda White Mallow Face Cream | Little by TBC Baby Balm


Bondi Wash Baby Powder | Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser | Weleda White Mallow Nappy Change Cream



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