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Yulani has birthed a gender-free sibling. Meet the Neo Mortal.

Meet the neo mortal, a judgement free beauty brand which doesn't discriminate, identity, diversity or education. A genderless, holistic brand made for everyone, the neo mortal was conceived six years ago and brough to fruition in 2022 with the aim to find a natural solution for people suffering from irritation and an overload of products that weren’t performing. Combining green chemistry and plant science, and all formulated in-house, the neo mortal is set to shake up the skincare sphere, targeting Gen-Z millennials with its progressive product range.

Built from a sheer obsession with skincare, the neo mortal has just hit the Australian market with 21 naturally derived products. The entire range is scientifically backed, planet-friendly and packed with high-performing ingredients, designed to leave a positive lasting impression on your skin (and the environment). The brand is founded on delivering real results, and fully transparent on its ingredients which promises solutions for all skin types as well as uncompromising efficacy.

100% Australian owned and made, the neo mortal was conceived by John and Deb Burkin, John a cosmetic formulator and Deb, a seasoned marketing executive who set out to create functional formulations that would improve people’s skin beyond surface level. The pair have spent years researching and comparing brands to create a highly effective product range using active components like liposomes, and techniques that were found in luxury international skincare brands and not readily available on the Australian market.

“When it comes to our products, you will always know exactly what’s inside - there are never secret mythical broths, cryptic names or omissions. Every neo mortal product contains only researched and tested, high performing ingredients,” said the neo mortal co-founder John Burkin.

Helping your skin behave at its best, the androgynous brand has your entire skincare cabinet covered, from cleansers to serums, balms and moisturisers - to name a few. Whether your skin is oily, sensitive or a combination of both, the neo mortal has a solution, and unlike other brands will not break the bank with prices starting from $18.50.

Its all-inclusive range which features all calm cleanser, all calm moisturiser and all clear lotion the neo mortal has your skincare regime covered in the morning and at night and is proving to be a clear winner in the eyes of the consumer with its eye rescue serum already sold out.

the neo mortal is vegan and authentically natural, using certified ingredients, no petroleum, silicones, acrylates, irritants, or nasty ingredients. The unique brand is committed to eco conscious and ethical manufacturing and only partners with like-minded, sustainable suppliers who use Australian grown and made native actives.

All packaging has been manufactured using a combination of post-consumer recycled materials which are recyclable, compostable and reusable; its ingredients follow similar protocols - safe for people and the environment - so, they won’t contaminate or cause any harm.

Gone are the days you’ll need to fight for your favourite product or make room for your partners, parents, or roommates skincare at home – the neo mortal has everyone covered.

Products can be purchased online at


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