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Summer is inarguably all about a laidback approach to fashion and beauty: a swipe of bronzer here, a slick of glossy tinted balm there, a chic topknot and you’re good to go. By the time the cooler Autumn months roll around, we’re ready for a change and love a little polish. Exciting new looks and trends seem to bubble up best during the seasonal change, and Jules Peacocke, Founder and Director of Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup in Sydney, is here to help us break down this season’s looks.

“It’s always sad to see the end of summer, but Autumn is a great time to have a fashion change and do something different with your clothes and hair — if you’ve been thinking of going darker, now is the time,” shares Peacoke.

Peacocke starts by sharing the colour trend forecast for the season: “I think we’re going to see the rise of warm browns and rose browns both in all over colour and in Balayage. I feel we could even see a rose gold brown base colour, or colour melts with golden highlights having a little moment here.” She says the trend of cool grey colours have come to an end, and that “We’re looking for warm!”.

Fashion trends can really sway beauty and hair trends, too: “Some people are predicting the return of the vibrant and shiny Vinyl trench coat — which we haven’t seen since somewhere in the dark ages of the early 80’s! — shine is a big part of this season’s fashion flow. And we want to get that hair shiny this Autumn to go with that new coat.”

Peacocke’s how-to for on-trend, shiny Autumn hair is simple enough to follow. “Regular exfoliation of the scalp and hair to get rid of product and pollution build up is a must. Then, depending on your hair condition, apply masks and lightweight leave-in treatments can encourage hair to look healthy and really glow.”

It’s always a good idea to start with a professional treatment, and Peacocke suggests paying a visit to your stylist and asking them for a scalp exfoliation and a moisture mask at the basin. At home, she shares her tips: “If you think about how to make your skin glow, the same message needs to be applied to your hair. Exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise, style and finish with shine, using a leave-in treatment. Try starting with R+Co Crown Shampoo for a clean, rebalanced scalp and shiny, healthy hair.”

Different hairtypes should approach their routines slightly differently, though, and Peacocke says, “If your hair is dry, using a shine-based finishing product will really help. Try R+Co Trophy; it not only gives the hair shine, it creates texture and hold.” Oribe’s Signature Moisture Mask can be used as a weekly indulgence for its insanely softening results which offer mega repairing and protective properties and boasts a divinely scented fragrance. For girls with curls, Peacocke says let your hair be!

“Curly hair is trending again, so if you have a natural curl, it’s time to put those straighteners away and let it go. Beautiful curly hair is created by nature but can be helped big time by moisture-based products and lots of them — you can never give enough moisture to curly hair.”

For those moisture-seeking curly-haired folks out there, she says to “Try the new Oirbe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment; it’s a bit of a mind bender as you use it prior to shampooing the hair. It’s not for fine or limp hair (use Oribe’s aforementioned Signature Moisture Mask if this is you), but most curly hair will love its ability to bring damaged locks back to life. This is a rejuvenating pre-shampoo treatment balm that melts into hair, deeply moisturising and repairing while protecting against harsh aggressors such as washing, styling and pollution. Softness, shine and strength can be restored.”


Words by TLSE Contributor,

Aimee Wice



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