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Creative Conversations is our conversation series that works with our Rosé Friday IGTV and podcast. Get a snapshot of some of the amazing conversations we have here and you can jump over to our podcast or our IGTV channel for an extended chat to get to know guests even more.

Megan Pollock | Second Scout

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Megan, founder and creator at Second Scout and co-creator of two little sticky-handed humans! At Second Scout we make picture helpers that ensure the day-to-day is a little easier for families. Perfect for children who can't read, our tactile timber routine helpers, planners and home organisation solutions can be interpreted with ease. Using a unique concealed magnetic design, they are not only practical, but a welcome edition for the interior-conscious too. How did the business come about? My inspiration for the business was my eldest daughter. We faced the same challenges all parents do with everyday tasks. Getting her to help pack away, brush her teeth, put pyjamas on, bedtime, etc never ran smoothly...despite our best efforts to practice patience amongst the 427 reminders! As she couldn’t yet read, I created a picture-based prompts which not only empowered her, but saved our sanity as parents! The aesthetic of my DIY laminated routine chart always bugged me though. I wanted to create something that I didn’t need to hide away when we had visitors over. I wanted a simple, paired back design, using quality materials, that wasn’t only practical, but beautiful too. So, after a change of direction for me leaving my previous corporate career, I went on a mission to create it. In July 2021 our magnetic timber range hit the shelves. It’s been quite the ride!

Best career advice you have ever received? Get ok with feeling uncomfortable! Being a solo first-time business owner, I’m pushed beyond my comfort levels daily. I love the FFT (f*cking first time) philosophy that I once heard about. It’s the feeling you get about new experiences you’ve never done before. For example, if you are about start a new job, take on making a Croquembouche or public speak to hundreds on a stage for the first time. Chances are you’ll feel out of your depth, anxious, frustrated and even scared in these moments. Every day I’m doing an FFT in my small business, so I need to remind myself that whilst it’s an uncomfortable place to be, I’ll conquer it one day and it will no longer feel as overwhelming as it once did!

Worst advice you have ever received?

That concealed magnetic timber wasn’t possible. This didn’t happen once, but MANY times. Suppliers and factories kept telling me my design wasn’t possible or needed to be watered down. Once I was even laughed at!

What is one thing we should invest in for our business? Ourselves (No, I don’t practice what I preach…but have grand plans too in 2022!)

What is one thing you wish you had known when starting your business? That it’s like an unfinished assignment. There is always something to do…always!

What is your favourite part of your day to day ? Hearing from my customers. I absolutely adore it! I receive so many emails and messages from customers who reach out to me to tell me the successes they are having with the products. Each and every one of them honestly make my day. I’m so grateful they take the time out of their day to contact me. If I can make a families life easier, it’s worth all the hard work and sacrifice it’s taken behind the scenes to get here.

What was an unexpected joy of creating your business? Meeting so many incredible women-led businesses (many of whom I’ve never met face to face!). Social media has been such an amazing platform for this. I love being able to bounce off ideas, share successes and tears with other like-minded business owners.

3 words to live by for 2022 Balance, confidence, creativity.

To check out Megan's business go here.



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