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Why does it always seem to be that the last quarter of the year goes by in a flash?

Before you know it, it's November and in a blink of the eye everyone is getting organised for the summer holidays and making plans for all those new resolutions that we promise to keep every year.

The diary that we keep is the crucial element to keeping our perpetual lives on track, reminding us of dinner dates, meetings and Sunday brunches. Our ever changing lives means that our devices often take the role of the diary, replacing it with an online calendar, syncing up to every part of our lives, seemingly knowing without typing a single word that you have Beautiful The Carol King Musical on tonight.

Although these are handy to have, it's almost hard to think what life was like before the age of digital reminders. I'm a bit of a romantic at heart and so the feeling of writing your thoughts on 130 gsm with a Blackwing (a.k.a the best pencil in the world) is a relaxing process; watching your thoughts flow onto the paper is therapeutic.

2018 is going to be a year that will blow us all out of the water; I don't think any of us are quite prepared for what the year is going to bring us quite yet, for if you thought 2017 was a banger, then get ready to ride the waves of expansion for the year to come.


The Blacklist Diary Grey $44.95 / Saint Belford Curation Diary $59.95 / Milligram Diary Terracotta $39.95 / Milligram Diary Beige Pattern $44.95


The Blacklist Diary Grey $44.95 / An Organised Life Daily Planner $55 / Cool Hunter Bullet Pen Gold $15


Frankie Orange Daily Journal $26.95 / Milligram Diary Terracotta $39.95 / Hay Tela Clear Glass $30 / Hay Marble Eraser $1 Blackwing Pencil Available at Paper2 $4.95


Kmart Paper Clips Rose Gold $10 / Kmart Large Binder Paperclip Gold $3 / Cool Hunter Daily Diary $49 / Blackwing Pencil Available at Paper2 $4.95 / Hay Pencil Sharpener Duo Brass $18 / The Travellers Company brass ruler $ 24.90 Available at Paper2 / Delfonics Quitterie Pencil Case Black $24.95 Available at Paper2 / Hay Time Small Nude $28 / Hay Marble Eraser $1

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