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So, you've heard of digital marketing campaigns - but what do they actually entail? In this day and age, digital marketing campaigns are an essential component of any advertising strategy, and crucial for reaching your target audience. When used correctly, the digital sphere can be an extremely effective (and necessary) space to grow your business in. Whether you're looking to expand your business's brand equity, online presence, or simply want to get a better idea of how your strategy compares, keep reading.

While certain traditional marketing methods remain relevant, digital marketing can be a much more effective and efficient tool - ESPECIALLY when used in conjunction with traditional tactics. There's no doubt that the internet has completely redesigned the marketing landscape - but you might not be aware of exactly what the impacts are. Here are a few things that digital advancements have changed:

  • Consumer demands for information are more easily met

  • Tailor-made information is more accessible

  • Increased possibility of gathering large amounts of data about potential consumers

  • In most cases, marketing communications can be easily (and more accurately) measured

  • A high level of interactivity with consumers is possible

  • Large quantities of information can be easily distributed at a relatively low cost

  • The marketing budget can be more purposefully assigned and the effects more easily measured


Digital marketing campaigns - sounds self-explanatory, right? Not quite! At first glance, a digital campaign can sound fairly straightforward, and while it can be at times - there are a lot of components that go into them. While social media is a HUGE part of this, the online sphere expands to all things digital - everything from websites to SEO. From start to finish, a digital campaign has a plethora of elements in play. Before the campaign is even created, it's important to audit current performance in order to determine how you're going to achieve the goal of your campaign. Whether you're wanting to attract new customers, increase sales, or even just improve your business' online presence, understanding what your existing strengths and weaknesses are, as well as what your audience is looking for, is a crucial step before you can even start to brainstorm ideas surrounding your digital campaign.


Digital marketing campaigns are a key tool when reaching your audience, and when implemented correctly, they can give you useful information about the kind of people you're reaching and how they are interacting with your business digitally. Given its measurability, a digital marketing campaign can be the perfect stepping stone for improving your overall business strategy. In terms of tracking consumer behaviour, a digital campaign can drive traffic to your digital and physical touch-points, ultimately boosting engagement while strengthening your brand message and communication.


Having the tools to execute a successful digital marketing campaign is another entity in itself - and definitely not as simple as it sounds. With so many moving parts, it can be easy to drop the ball a little and forget about certain elements, which can end up having a huge impact on the effectiveness of the campaign. Here at TLSE, we specialise in different areas to make sure that the campaign we build

So, if you're thinking you might need a little help getting that digital campaign in order or simply wanting to discuss what might be next for your business, come and have a chat with us! You can contact us here.


WORDS | Brittany Ross



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