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TikTok – you might have heard of it... your dancing might be going viral on it, or you might still relate it to the 2009 hit song by Ke$ha. Whatever your knowledge about it, the fact is, TikTok is now one of the world’s fastest growing social media platforms - and with its current 800 million users, it’s well on the path to dethrone the Queen (Instagram) as the most popular platform!

Once seen as just a frivolous Gen-Z app by many, it’s now known by marketers that TikTok provides an excellent opportunity for advertising, with the platform steadily ramping up its play for advertisers to reach their target demographic. And with so many eyeballs glued to the platform every day, it’s a no brainer that this app holds some prime real estate in the share of digital advertising!

If you’re thinking of including some TikTok advertising in your marketing plan for 2021 but don’t know where to begin – you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top tips for TikTok advertising.

TikTok has its own Ads Manager platform

TikTok For Business is an Ads Manager platform that works in a similar way to Facebook’s platform. It allows you to create ad campaigns, target your audience based on gender, age, user behaviour, and ad category, and track your conversions using TikTok’s pixel. Campaign costs will vary based on your business objectives and budget – but because the platform is still in its youth, many marketers say they receive more efficient ad spend using this platform due to there being less competition!

Shopify has launched a TikTok integration

If you run an eCommerce business, there’s no doubt you’ve already seen (and hopefully are using!) Instagram’s shopping feature to make it easier for your consumers to purchase your products. Well, the great news is, Shopify has just released in integration to do the same on TikTok! Load your product catalogue onto TikTok, get creating some engaging short videos, and tag your awesome products to start getting more noticed, as well as drive sales on your website.

It’s not just for young people

Yes, it’s true that TikTok is HUGE in the Gen-Z world, so if your primary market is in their teens and early 20s, we hope you’re all over it already. But what many business managers discount is the fact there are millions of users from other age brackets on the growing platform, too. Currently, about 41% of users are aged between 16 and 24 – but that leaves another 59% of twenty and thirty-something year olds, as well as (surprisingly) a huge audience of mums using the platform! If you’re able to tailor your content to your target audience, chances are they will find it on this platform.

Try creating organic TikTok content too

While we’ve mentioned the benefits of TikTok advertising, we also don’t think you should shy away from organic TikTok creation – especially if you have a young target market. Don’t be mistaken - the platform isn't all about jumping on the latest dance routine. It has developed into so much more than that! You can find plenty of entertaining, educational, and inspirational content on the platform now. So while audiences are laughing and gasping away at these short videos, they’re also engaging your brand and becoming a part of a strong organic following who supports your business.

Make your content native to TikTok

There’s no point in being on the platform as a brand if you are not going to do it right. What works on your Instagram or Facebook may be completely different from what works on TikTok, so make sure your videos feel native to the platform. TikTok is all about fun, light-hearted videos that are instantly attention-grabbing. It’s a safe bet to just make these on your phone camera so they look natural, and not get caught up on making them look too schmick! The most important thing is to get creative and have a finger on the pulse with what’s hot on the platform right now. Don’t be afraid to jump on viral trends or be a little silly with your videos if that’s your brand’s tone of voice!

Set goals and monitor your success

Lastly - as with any marketing you do - make sure you are setting goals and sticking to a strategy. Think about what you want from TikTok and how you will get it. Don’t just focus on vanity metrics such as how many people you reached with your video. Reach is great for brand exposure, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the platform is helping your overall business goals or that you're resonating with your audience. Make sure you are tracking your increased web traffic and the conversions you are making. That way, you will understand if it’s working for you and if it’s worth your business’s time and resources. With clear goals and measurements on the platform, TikTok has huge possibilities to assist with your business’s success!

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WORDS | Amy O'Neill, TLSE



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