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Is your skincare routine feeling a bit stale? It's easy to get lazy and skip some steps every now and then, but we can all agree how much better our skin looks and feels when we take care of it properly! Ellus & Krue are breaking down the important steps of your regiment, and explain why each step is just as important as the last.

You might be thinking toning is one of the last steps that doesn't really do much - but you couldn't be more wrong! As one of the most skipped steps in skincare history, toning doesn't exactly seem like a major priority when you think about your nightly routine, but Ellus & Krue explain that this is a key step to glowing and clarified skin (especially if your complexion leans toward the oily side).

After cleansing, applying toner helps to minimise pores and remove any excess oils or dirt from the skin. Toning is especially great for oily skin types as it helps with congestion, clogged pores or acne-prone skin. Toning is also a great way to correct and balance pH levels in your skin - which can help with flaky, red looking skin and inflammatory conditions like eczema or acne. Toning also helps the skin to better absorb moisture and ingredients from things like serums and creams, so you can make sue you're getting the absolute most out of your routine!

Ellus & Krue's pH Balance Gel Toner is the ultimate toner for balancing the pH levels in your skin while improving skin tone and texture. With a formula that's been scientifically curated in collaboration with the Anti-Aging and Cancer Foundation, it's balanced with plant actives to improve your overall complexion - win win!

Improve your skin's pH levels and get your hands on an Ellus & Krue pH Balance Toner available here!


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Ellus & Krue


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