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Is there anything better than wheeling your banged-around suitcase into the accommodation you booked and thinking "yep, this place is luxe"? That's exactly what Kelly Ross has achieved with her re-design of the East Hotel lobby in Canberra; the final piece of the three-piece puzzle that completes the hotel's makeover (the two others being Joe's Bar and Agostinis restaurant).

With brand new furniture, lighting, textures and colours, the lobby itself represents a space to dwell and relax - almost a venue in its own right. In our capital city, Ross's vision was to create a space that indulges escapism through visitors' senses. For her, the devil lay in the detail; every surface, texture, light instalment, adornment and piece of furniture was carefully considered and radiates a diverse harmony.

It feels energising and exciting for all of us to see this beautiful transformation of our lobby unfold. To be able to see it come to fruition is a reminder to us all that we, and this entire wonderful industry of which we are so proudly a part of in Australia and in our beloved city of Canberra, will prevail - Dion Bisa, East Hotel Brand Director

A spacious, lofty atrium who's towering black ceiling feels like a "limitless sky" gives way to textured, luxe interiors, featuring velvet deep greens, contemporary floral 'patchwork', subtle and moody lighting, video projection, and a seriously stunning, tasseled central light feature from MCM House - the piece de resistance. Sophistication meets energy in this distinctive space.

I approach every interior like a direct reflection of the client – completely unique and individual. My intention is to define and push boundaries the client may not have known existed, to break down preconceptions and arrive together at an unexpected place - Kelly Ross, interior designer

Canberra is certainly an up-and-comer, particularly in the hospitality, design and lifestyle sectors - and the East Hotel is a perfect embodiment of this new-found status. The six-story space features 140 studio/apartment rooms designed in considered, modular ways in a nod to the realities of travel for different people from different stages and walks of life - truly a reflection of Canberra's diversity.

We hope our guests will enjoy the warm embrace of this beautiful new space - laptop, espresso or negroni in hand! - Dion Bisa

Staycation time? Book the East Hotel and explore its newly designed spaces here.


WORDS | Lucy Francis



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