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With Halloween come and gone, it's safe to say spooky season is officially over - but don't let all the makeup and products stick around longer than they should. If your Halloween makeup has left your skin feeling a little worse for wear, we might have the perfect solution that'll get your skin back on track, so you can leave the Halloween scaries in October.

Here at TLSE, we LOVE dressing up and trying out new and fun makeup looks - but with heavy makeup often comes bad skin days. If you're wanting to ditch the breakouts and rid your future self of dry and unruly skin, these cleansers might just do the trick. Using the right cleanser is crucial to giving your skin help where it needs it, without overloading it with stuff it doesn't need. What better reason to try out a new cleanser than to wash away the heavy duty halloween makeup?

All skin types

The Microbiome Micellar water is a great cleanser for all skin types, and washing away that daily grim, pollution - and most importantly all of your Halloween makeup! Enriched with Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Vitamin B5 and Coconut water, this cleanser will keep your skin happy and healthy long term.


The Gentle Cleanser is perfect for the delicate kind! Infused with Green Tea extract, Goji Berry and Vitamin E to cleanse away makeup residue, this cleanser purifies, calms and hydrates the skin without any irritation.


The L-Lactic Cleanser is a deeply hydrating and nourishing cleansing gel that assists with combating pigmentation and balances out uneven skin tone. Rich in B vitamins, antioxidant rich super fruits and vitamin E, this cleanser will leave your skin feeling stronger and more balanced.


The most active out of them all, the Glycolic Cleanser 12% is fuelled with AHA’s to decongest and exfoliate whilst stimulating new cell turnover. It leaves the pores feeling refreshed and refined, giving you an all over glow. If you’re looking for a deep all over clean after this Halloween, this is the one for you!


The Aesthetics Rx Revitalising Foaming Cleanser is a gentle cleansing gel that cleanses away makeup and oil, leaving the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Fuelled with hydrating actives to retain moisture and soothe and irritation on the skin.

So, for when face wipes just aren't cutting it - these might just be your new saving grace.

Skip the skin scaries this year and leave your Halloween looks in October!


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Aesthetics RX



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