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Is this winter hitting your hair hard? Although winter brings lovely cool weather, it also brings frizzy and unmanageable hair. If you're looking for a way to combat the fly-a-ways, evo is your ultimate saviour. Whether it's the heat damage, dead ends, humidity or rain - soft, smooth, tamed hair is right around the corner. The evo hair experts are here to answer all of your hair-related questions and detangle any confusion you have!

So, what causes that unwanted frizzy hair? 

There are 2 main reasons why your hair is getting frizzy. Firstly, humidity and moisture in the air can cause the hair to get a halo of frizz - so the water penetrating and effecting the bonds in the hair encourages natural movement. Secondly, if your hair is dry or lacking internal moisture, it will become fuzzy (especially on the ends).

My hair turns frizzy in the humidity, how can I stop this? 

If you have enough hydration added to your hair it will be less effected by the outside moisture or humidity. Some products can assist in sealing the hair to block humidity as well as lock in the internal moisture such as evo's lockdown smoothing treatment.

Tips and tricks to tame frizzy hair?

Using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t remove the natural oils from your hair is the first step, then ensuring you are treating your locks with plenty of hydration. Be gentle when your drying your hair by squeezing out the water softly and don’t roughen up the cuticle with your towel. Adding a styling product to your hair will add more moisture and some style control to hold your hair in place all day. If you are using heat to dry your hair, place your dryer on a low speed and always use a heat protection product before using irons.

What can I use in my hair to tame fly-a-ways? 

If you're looking for smooth, straight hair, applying evo's easy tiger smoothing balm to damp hair is a great start, especially if you finish it off with evo's love touch shine spray, (perfect for minimising any fine fly-a-ways). If you wanted to embrace your curls, apply evo's new total recoil to damp hair while twisting in each sections and allow to air dry. once set, you can break up the curls a little by separating your ringlets or waves between your fingers.

Frizzy hair - do's and don'ts 

Always treat your hair with all the hydration it needs, and don’t forget to trim those split ends! Chemical damage can make hair super frizzy, so after any colour service you always need to give your hair a boost, try using the great hydrator moisture mask.

Combat those frizzy hair battles without having to leave your home! With contactless delivery, evo makes preventing those bad hair days that much easier.

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WORDS | Brittany Ross




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