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When running a business there’s nothing more important than communicating the right message to your audience. Having your branding working hard for you from the get go can make or break your success in the long run. But where do you start?

Your audience extends beyond your end users and followers on social media to include your suppliers and even your competitors. By investing time and resources into designing a brand for the product or service you offer, you’ll always be communicating the right message as you merchandise anything you produce - be it product, print or digital marketing.

Working with TLSE on a brand strategy will help you reign in your ideas to work with a targeted approach for your whole business. We bring fresh insight of what it takes to communicate a message that’s on brand. Whilst it’s often the carefully curated branding and content of The Life Style Edit that has brought a client through our studio doors in the first place, much of the work we do with our clients will evolve from there.

“It’s a natural progression for TLSE to organically grow their connection with the brands we work with,” says founder Heidi Albertiri. “Often we progress to take on a more comprehensive role in delivering their message from a brand and content standpoint.”

“Clients come in for a photo shoot and then realise they need more than just images,” says Heidi, who’s greatest joy is to hand-hold clients through the process of building their brand. “When they see that we do everything in house, they’ll say, ‘Actually can you run my social media…actually I need PR…actually I need a press release…actually I need head shots…actually I need a business strategy because I don’t know what I’m doing…actually my website is not right can you fix that up…?!’

“Because we understand the whole brand, it always starts with a photo and a conversation, but it ends up being the whole brand... and we get that.” Heidi Albertiri

The opportunity in working with TLSE is for businesses to have Heidi and the team hold their hand through the whole process of building a brand from the get go. “We cultivate the connection with people through the initial introduction to their product and through the process, all of our clients become part of us, in every single way,” says Heidi. “We’ve had so many clients inspired by the look and feel of TLSE and come to us to create the look and feel for their own business.”

So much more than a photograph on a page, TLSE is structured to help businesses tick off all the aspects a business requires to get its message across with a holistic approach – to bring that photograph to life with a third dimension. “Or fifth, seventh or tenth dimension, if that’s what it takes!” Heidi beams.

Where do you start?

Is it with a website, or do you photograph your products, or build your audience on social media first? All of these elements are key to starting a new business and it may seem overwhelming and impossible to afford all of those things at once.

“I can look at [a business] as an outsider and can ask, ‘Have you looked at it this way?’” says Heidi, who knows and has experienced the jumble of thoughts rolling around inside the head of a new business owner. “We can bring clarity,” she says.

“Our clients are often so ‘in it’ and focused on one thing when running their business,” says Heidi who is able to offer a new perspective. “It used to be that you open a shop, then get a website – Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist – you bought a cash register and didn’t have to outlay for all these things. Now your social channels are your storefront and that’s where your money goes, rather into the bricks and mortar investment.”

“That’s what people try and cut corners on,” warns Heidi. “If you get that foundation right, then everything else will flow.”

“Once we work with a client and we shoot their product every three months, then it’s actually achievable because that content that they create in the half- or full day shoot depicts the next three months of their work – it’s content created for Instagram, their website, their story – and it’s all in their voice,” says Heidi.

“If a business can find the finances to invest in those foundations, that’s how you move forward, that’s how you become strong. But when there’s so much going on in your head about what you should be doing, it’s hard to concentrate on what you need to be doing."

Contact the team at The Life Style Edit now to start building your brand from the ground up.


WORDS | Di Moore, TLSE




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