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These days, it feels like every time you take a moment to congratulate yourself for being *all over* the socials, another platform pops up to join the party. Just when your Instagram feed is starting to look pretty fire, you realise you’ve neglected your LinkedIn. Between juggling Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and that niggling sense that you really ought to start a TikTok and maybe a podcast - it can all feel a bit impossible!

We're here to tell you an industry secret: it's okay to ditch the guilt. You don't have to be on every single platform.

For most brands, the best strategy is to just choose 2-3 platforms where their target audience hangs out, and create content that resonates only on those platforms. You might claim your account on the other platforms - but you don't need to focus on them. This is true when it comes both to organic content and also for your advertising too.

So how do you choose the perfect social media platform for your business? There are three key things you need to know.

Know what your business needs

First off, it’s crucial to consider what goals your business wants to achieve by using social media. Are you focussing on getting users to buy your product or just trying to create awareness? Do you want them to head to your website or sign up for your email list? Are you aiming to create personal relationships with individuals or build a community of like-minded people? Knowing the answer to each of these questions can impact which platforms you end up targeting.

Know your target audience

It’s also worth taking the time to understand your target demographic and where they will be hanging out the most. If you can work out where your ideal customer is spending their time and then produce lots of relevant content there, it will give you the highest chance of being visible to the right audience.

If your customers are keen to professionally connect, LinkedIn could be the one. If they’re into eCommerce, building up your Instagram is a good move. Or if your target audience is all over TikTok and YouTube, why not follow them there!

Know how each platform can help you

To know which platforms to target, it’s important to understand how they can help your brand achieve its aims. Here’s a quick rundown of the contenders:

Facebook and Instagram: As the most well known, the majority of businesses will benefit greatly from having a strong profile on these platforms. Both are suitable for businesses with an older age demographic. They also provide a great opportunity for affordable online advertising, engaging with larger groups, and developing a sense of community with your customers.

TikTok: Everybody’s favourite new kid on the block! With tons of traction and ever-growing audiences, it’s a great way for your small business to flourish and connect with younger demographics. Video content provides heaps of engagement, so TikTok is also helpful if you’re looking to perform better on that front.

Pinterest: As a primarily visual platform with less audience engagement, we recommend Pinterest for brands that rely on aesthetics, such as graphic design or home decor companies. It’s also a useful platform for connecting with new customers due to its emphasis on search results.

LinkedIn: Thanks to its algorithm, LinkedIn is prime for organic growth. It has a narrower focus than most social media platforms with its networking-based structure. It’s the perfect place to chat about business wins, share advice, and form connections with future customers.

Google: Contrasting to the other socials, Google is entirely structured around searches. That makes it well suited for service providers, such as beauticians, hairdressers or cleaners, which are frequently sought after on the platform.

If the world of social media is still feeling a bit overwhelming after all that, then let us know if we can help you! It’s our job to stay on top of these platforms - so we’d love to work with you on which one is right for your business. Just get in touch and we’ll start chatting.


WORDS | Hannah Steele



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