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Agency: a business which provides a specific service on behalf of another business, person, group or organisation.

When you think about the broad range of industries, specialities, and varying expertise that agencies apply to, this definition starts to seem a little narrow, impersonal and more of a one-size-fits all approach. And while this kind of design can work from time to time - this kind of attitude will never fit one business perfectly, and we are a living proof of that!

Here at TLSE, we understand that in the same way businesses need to constantly adapt and modify their practices according to ever-changing markets and consumer needs, so do agencies. This is the very philosophy our business is rooted in - we pride ourselves on our re-definition of what it means to be an agency - and a full service one at that.

"We can't be boxed in. From our visual approach, to our close client relationships and our willingness (and capacity) to make time to go the extra mile, we're doing things a little differently here. We are still ROI focused, but it’s more than just meeting expectations on a piece of paper."

So, what is it that makes us so different?

We're on the same team.

At the core of our business is a commitment to understanding the ins and outs of yours, which is what makes our work so unique. By taking the time to work with you to create a viable plan (crafted exactly to your unique business priorities), we are able to to use the necessary tools available to us to get you one step closer to your goals. With this mindset, we approach our work with you by positioning our team as an extension of your brand, and take the same care handling your business as we do our own. With an array of expertise across our very talented (and very lovely) team, we use our respective skills to create high quality work while remaining receptive to your changing needs, goals and resources.

We know it can be hard when you're 'in it' to get the much needed perspective to drive you forward. By looking at your business with new eyes, we are able to create a fresh approach and think of your business as a whole. We start off by getting into the soul of the business - what it is that makes it unique and different to its competitors. From there, we work on how we can achieve your goals through various marketing techniques. No two clients are the same, we look everyone individually - no cookie cutter, no same-same formula. We are an agency in the sense that we offer a service brands need, but know we can actually offer everything you need to market your business. We are nothing like an agency that uses big fancy words, mind blowing statistics but can’t seem to deliver. We constantly work to deliver on our promise and we are always accountable - your success is our success too.

We are adaptable.

As a small business, you can expect a personal, committed relationship when working with us - a model that sometimes only small business can provide. This closeness combined with the attitude that we are a part of your team is what makes TLSE so unique, and is how we are able to foster such strong relationships with clients, ultimately bringing them closer to their business objectives. As a small business, we have a certain degree of fluidity, understanding and adaptability that larger agencies just can't provide.

"Working side by side with us means we can pivot and change direction quickly if need be, as the whole team is usually working across your account."

We take these skills, understandings, tools and practices and apply them to your business model to see which ones align, and which ones don't. We try to be as transparent (and collaborative!) throughout the process as possible, explaining the reasoning behind our decisions, and how it works toward the larger goal at hand. With this being said, we change our approach according to what you need. So, whether you have an overall business goal in mind (improved engagement, ROI growth, and so forth), or have specific channels or components of your business you're aiming to focus on (such as social media or digital advertising), we will tailor a response according to what you need.

We use the same tools.

At TLSE, we face your business like we would our own. Based on what do for ourselves, we are able to see what, how and why certain things work (and others don't), meaning clients get the benefit of our learnings. Nothing we do is 'set and forget' - it's something we constantly nurture and tweak to make sure we can get the best results, no matter what we're working on.

Everything we recommend is something we've implemented ourselves. We aren't just making baseless claims - we're walking the walk with our practices too. Whether it be in regards to Instagram, ads or even creative, we're right there with you. This is the very mentality TLSE is rooted in - the commitment to marketing your business with the same care we would our own.

"We dive in deep and get to know you at every level. We ask lots of questions and we love chatting with you about where you want to take your business and the progress we are making in line with that."

So, whether you're simply looking for broader coverage, are in need of a helping hand in a specific area, are wanting general guidance, or are in need of a clear, immediate solution - we're ready to dive in head first with you to get you from point A to B (whatever that may be, and however often those points may change).


WORDS | Britt Ross, TLSE


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