If you know us even just a little, you'll know how much we value good skincare. You can imagine then, that were pretty excited when we heard news of Ellus & Krue - Australia's brand new skincare range that's scientifically formulated (with natural ingredients!!) to turn back the clock and focus on cell repair.

Every year approximately 2.5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer globally. That's a huge statistic! We had a chance to sit down with founding member Kimberly Verschuur and leading scientist Professor Derek Richard to chat to them about their products, methods and brand story.

I understand that the brand has evolved from a bit of a personal story and need for specialised skincare. Tell me a bit about the origins of and inspiration behind Ellus & Krue.

We are a family owned and operated company in Australia and Ellus & Krue was started for our Father. Our Father was a recreational fisherman and carpenter who, like many Australians, didn't take care of his skin. From the age of fifty he had 8 basal cell carcinoma removed from his face over 15 years.

After each surgery he was prescribed topical treatments which left his skin inflamed and red raw. He sourced a natural alternative which is when we formulated he EPI-gN SERUM partnering with leading Ellus & Krue scientist, Professor Derek, as we wanted other people to be able to benefit from the serum like our father did.

- Kimberly

We know that good skin care can be quite scientific. In general terms, what is the process behind the creation of the Ellus & Krue products? I built the EPI-gN SERUM from the ground up and formulated it using ingredients that I believed would make a real impact on skin health. Every ingredient has a purpose and every ingredient is used in an amount that will make a difference.

- Professor Derek

We really value products that are created with natural ingredients - what value do you see in sourcing natural ingredients and where are they sourced from? There are 19 billion actives in nature's library. We chose specific actives and brought a selection of them into the EPI-gN SERUM. Natural active ingredients were essential to the products that we are developing - we didn't want anything that was man made. Our bodies have a hard time removing man made actives, which is why we wanted to ensure that the active ingredients used in the EPI-gN SERUM were found in nature. Some of the key ingredients in the EPI-gN SERUM includes French Lilac, which holds anti-aging properties and is anti-microbial, Niacinamide, to assist with reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improve the skins texture and tone, and Curcumin, which holds anti-inflammatory properties.

- Professor Derek

It’s fascinating that your skincare range addresses age-related disease - what kinds of disease can it help prevent and how?

The EPI-gN SERUM is designed to improve your skins health and cell fitness, so everybody can feel great at any age. The EPI-gN SERUM features a powerful combination of active ingredients. A portion from every sale is donated to the Cancer & Ageing Research Foundation headed by myself.

- Professor Derek

What are the next steps for Ellus & Krue - how far can specialist and scientifically formulated skincare go?

The next steps would be formulating two new exciting products that will be adding to our protect and repair range. These products will be a Day Cream with SPF to help protect from the drying effects of the sun and a Lifting Serum.

- Kimberly

Want to check out the full Ellus & Krue range? Head to their website.


WORDS | Lucy Francis, TLSE

INTERVIEWEES | Kimberly Verschuur and Professor Derek Richard, Ellus & Krue

IMAGES | Ellus & Krue